Who is Izzy Bell? OnlyFans Model Identified as Member of UK Navy Posts Raunchy Photos

UK Navy has launched a probe into unravelling the identity of a mysterious female military member who is posing as 'Izzy Bell' on OnlyFans, a paid adult website. Bell, who has over 10,000 likes, has posted raunchy pictures on the adult website while hiding her face.

Earlier, Lt Claire Jenkins was caught after she uploaded multiple sex videos with her lover Leading Seaman Liam Doddington. Jenkins, who used the alias 'Cally Taylor' on the adult site, shot the videos at Faslane nuclear submarine HQ, HMNB Clyde, near Glasgow.

Izzy Bell
OnlyFans model Izzy Bell is identified as member of UK Navy. Twitter

Unidentified Sailor Calls herself 'Submissive Princess'

The unidentified female sailor describes herself as a 5ft "submissive princess" aged 21 on her OnlyFans page. Besides posting semi-nudes, the woman has also posted some pictures in her uniform.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: "The bosses are desperate to work out who it is but she's carrying on regardless. All of us are getting grilled and warned about explicit content on our phones."

Izzy Bell
A picture posed by Izzy Bell on her OnlyFans Page Twitter

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "The Royal Navy has the highest of standards and we will not hesitate to take appropriate action when standards are not met. We are investigating this matter so it would be inappropriate to comment further."

The New York Post reported that the woman also posted a photo while lying on top of the Royal Navy flag, wearing just a thong. In one of the other images, she is seen clicking a selfie while standing in front of mirror while wearing a black panty and lacy bra. The flash in the mirror makes it difficult to identify the face of the model.

Jenkins Made Porn Videos With her Boyfriend at the Naval Base

The investigation in the second sailor came a day after it was found that 29-year-old Jenkins made several porn movies inside the Faslane nuclear submarine HQ with her boyfriend posted in the same base.

Jenkins, who commanded a team of sailors on the HMS Artful, was responsible for the £1billion vessel's hi-tech outer casing of sound-damping tiles, according to the Daily Mail.

In her OnlyFans profile Jenkins described herself as: "I'm 29 and working that 9 to 5 life, I love to be naughty and stay colourful. My naughty side can sometimes get me into trouble, but that feeling of excitement we can get from doing this just makes me so hot and bothered."

A source told The Sun that this individual has been open and honest with her bosses that this is what she does in her spare time. "Our issue with security is, 'Do you keep anything from us?' Because then you can be open to blackmail," said the source.