Who is Gerard Depardieu? Actress in Her 20s Says French Legend Raped Her at His Home

One of the most controversial actors, Gerard Depardieu, has been charged with rape and sexual assault in a 2018 case that has been revived lately. Reports suggest that the star had sexually assaulted his victim, an actress in her 20s. The actress accuses him of raping her at his home in Paris in August 2018.

The actor was initially charged in December, however, charges were dropped in 2019 due to lack of sufficient evidence. Gerard Depardieu is currently a free man but under the supervision of the judiciary. Talking about the actress' state of emotions, her lawyer Elodie Tauillon-Hibon said that she hopes her client's private sphere would be respected as the case unfolds, according to BBC.

Meanwhile, Gerard's lawyer Herve Temime, who was not available to comment on the matter, had earlier stated the actor has denied all accusations against him. Another controversy revolving around the actor was during the summer of 2015, when Depardieu's films were banned from television and cinemas in Ukraine after his remarks on the Russian-Ukrainian political issues.

Is Gerard Depardieu a Russian?

In 2013, Depardieu met Russian President Vladimir Putin, who granted him the citizenship of Russia. Putin handed him the Russian passport after his clash with the French government over his decision to move abroad to avoid paying higher taxes. He was also invited to settle in the country at Mordovia.

Who is Gerard Depardieu?
Gerard Depardieu has been charged with rape and sexual assault Instagram

Gerard Depardieu Film Career

On the work front, Gerard Depardieu is a renowned actor in the France Film Fraternity and also a controversial one. The veteran, 74, has featured in 200 films in his entire cinema career and is well-known for making a name in Hollywood.

He made his on-screen debut with the 1965 short film titled, 'Le Beatnik et le minet.' He also won a Golden Globe award for his performance in the 1990 romantic comedy flick, 'Green Card' starring Andie MacDowell in the lead female role. His first hit film in France was Les Valseuses, which in English means 'Going Places,' based on two wandering thugs.

From donning the hat of Jean Valjean, the thief-turned-saint in Les Miserables, to playing Christopher Columbus, Depardieu has made a mark with his array of roles.

Who is Gerard Depardieu? Actress in Her 20's accuses actor of sexual assault case