Bobby Shmurda Out of Prison: Rapper's Future Plans After 7 Years in Jail Revealed

Bobby Shmurda is all set to be released from prison on February 23, 2021. The American rapper told the parole board last year that he wants to return to the entertainment business and start counselling children from the neighborhoods like the one where he was brought up. Shmurda, who is currently being held at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, expressed his regret over not starting out as a rapper at an early age. "My biggest regret is not following my dreams earlier," he said.

How Bobby Shmurda landed in Prison

The New York Police officers arrested Bobby Shmurda on Dec. 17, 2014, which was just nine days after his Hot 100 top 10 hit performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Shmurda was arrested along with 14 members of GS9 on charges of conspiracy and possession of weapons outside Quad Studios. Bobby Shmurda and Rebel were both arrested.

Just days before jury selection for Shmurda's trial was about to begin, the Brooklyn rapper agreed to the prosecution's "global plea deal," which reduced his sentences along with Rowdy's and McCoy's from 15 years to 7 years with a condition of post-release supervision for five years.

Bobby Shmurda's release from prison
Bobby Shmurda to become a free man on February 23, 2021 YouTube screen grab

Bobby Shmurda's Post-Prison Plans Revealed

Shmurda, who expressed his desire for rapping again, will be catching up with his family after his release from the prison, where he lived for the last six years. Shmurda's mother, Leslie Pollard, said that she intends on preparing a meal for her son, who has not had home-cooked food ever since being imprisoned in 2014.

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Leslie also revealed Shmurda's intention on the musical front saying that he will be picking up where he left off. During the past seven years of his absence from hip hop, the landscape of the industry has drastically changed, however, Shmurda's fans are eagerly anticipating his release, including rapper Rowdy Rebel, who Bobby Shmurda to perform at Summer Jam 2021. The GS9 rapper, who is looking forward to performing with Shmudra, said that the rapper won't want to miss out on HOT 97's landmark concert once he's out of prison which tells us that Shmurda's comeback project in the industry would be a star-studded affair.

Bobby Shmurda's Fans' Wait Is Over

Bobby Shmurda, who was born Ackquille Jean Pollard on August 4, 1994, is now 26. His millions of fans who are eagerly waiting for his release have gone crazy after hearing the good news as they shared memes of one of the most admired American rapper.

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