Who is Finn Henry? Boxer, 21, Jailed for Over Seven Years for Manslaughter of Mother While Under the Influence of Ketamine

Henry, under the influence of drugs, believed his 54-year-old mother was a "demon or devil.

Finn Henry, a 21-year-old amateur boxer, has been sentenced to seven years and four months in prison for the manslaughter of his mother, Suzanne Henry. The attack, driven by a drug-induced psychosis, occurred in their family home in Madeley, Staffordshire, on May 1 last year.

Henry, under the influence of drugs, believed his 54-year-old mother was a "demon or devil." In his delusion, he brutally punched and strangled her, leading to severe injuries that resulted in her death two days later. Paramedics responding to the scene were initially unable to identify her due to the extent of her injuries.

Finn Henry
Boxer Finn Henry gets 7 Years in prison for Killing his mother under the influence of ketamine X

Northampton Crown Court heard that Henry had struggled with drug addiction since his teenage years. He regularly used ketamine, cocaine, and cannabis, despite repeated pleas from his family and friends to stop. On the day of the attack, Henry's girlfriend called an ambulance after finding him in a disoriented state. However, he refused medical help and continued to exhibit erratic behavior with friends throughout the day.

Suzanne Henry had been recording her son's strange behavior in an attempt to show him later. The recording captured the beginning of the assault before the phone fell. Six minutes later, Henry picked up the phone, his face covered in blood.

Neighbors reported hearing shouting and saw Henry outside looking confused. After the attack, he attempted to enter several properties before returning to the scene. When police arrived, they found Henry naked and arrested him. He was initially charged with murder but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter, a plea accepted by the prosecution.

Judge Rupert Mayo, in his sentencing, acknowledged the tragedy of the situation and Henry's genuine remorse. He noted that Henry's drug-induced state likely impaired his intent to kill but emphasized that it did not excuse the prolonged and brutal assault.

Henry's defense highlighted his deep regret and his intention to use his experience to warn others about the dangers of drug misuse. Judge Mayo praised Henry's family for their dignity during the court proceedings and acknowledged the profound loss of Suzanne Henry, a valued and loved family member.