Who is Eugenia Karlsson? Former Russian Teacher Calls Ukrainians Prostitutes, Floor Moppers (Video)

Eugenia Karlsson, an elderly Russian woman, was fired from her job after she was caught racially abusing a Ukrainian woman in Sweden. The Ukrainian embassy in Sweden not only condemned the incident but have also taken up the matter with Swedish law enforcement agencies.

The ongoing conflict between Russia-Ukraine entered its second month as Russian President Vladimir Putin refuses to enforce ceasefire.

Eugenia Karlsson
Eugenia Karlsson Twitter

Russian Woman Tramples Down Ukrainian Flag

The video which was shot and uploaded by the victim, Helga Kayda, on her Facebook page has caused a lot of anger on social media. as per the English subtitles added to the video, the elderly Russian woman is seen abusing Kayda. Dressed in a brown long coat, the victim is heard asking Karlsson, "Why do you want to punch me in the face?" to which the woman replies, "why do I have to go away?"

Eugenia Karlsson
Eugenia Karlsson seen trampling the Ukrainian flag in Sweden. Helga Kayda/ Facebook

The camera then pans towards the Ukrainian symbols, what appears to be a torn flag, lying on the road. "Why are you throwing around Ukrainian symbols?" the victim asked.

"Ukrainian symbols? You means fascist symbols?" says the Russian woman before starting her racial tirade. "You stinking, dirty fascists who came out of Russian people," she says before objecting to being recorded.

"You know, I'd understand if you were.. But you are ugly as an ape. You are so ugly. You know I am a grown up woman. You will be miserable, poor, and dirty your entire life. Wearing these cheap sneakers, these trousers for 150 Kr. Yeah me , on the other hand, I have a coat worth 23,000 kr, and a scarf, and a handbag. And you are a schmuck," said the woman.

"You can't even imagine what I will do to you. I have such power. You a freak in a dirty pink beanie, you will rot," she adds before challenging the victim to speak with her in Ukrainian.

You live on social benefits here, or are you a prostitute. You usually work as floor moppers who come to mop floors in my summer house. Ukrainian women are either prostitutes or floor moppers. You hear me" the elderly Russian said.

Racist Russian Woman Gets Fired From Her Job

Ukraine Editor's Cut reported that Karlsson , who graduated from Leningrad State Pedagogical University, moved to Sweden in 1990s and studied at Linköping University for Masters of Philosophy in pedagogy. Prior to working at Lernia, Karlsson worked as High school teacher in Pedagogy and Pedagogical work at Åva gymnasium in Taby, Stockholm, reported the outlet.

Following severe backlash on social media after the video went viral, Lernia issued a statement announing Karlsson's termination. "It has come to our attention that a video in which a person employed by Lernia verbally attacks another person is being spread in social media. We want to clarify that the person expressing her opinion is currently off duty and will not return. We strongly dissociate ourselves from the offensive opinions that the person is expressing," read the English translation on its website.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Sweden also condemned the incident through a post made on its FB page. "Many of you, with deep outrage, familiarized with the video of a rude mockery of a Russian-speaking woman over Ukrainian symbolism, as well as inappropriate statements to Ukraine and our citizen near the Embassy of Russia in Sweden in m. Stockholm. The Embassy has already appealed to Swedish law enforcement agencies to provide a legal assessment of the specified act and to take response measures," read the statement.