Who is Eric Bannec? 'Negligent' Doctor Made Dr Susan Moore 'Feel Like an Addict' Before Her Death

Dr Susan Moore accused the white doctor and the Indiana University North Hospital staff of providing inadequate care to her because of her color.

Dr Susan Moore, a black doctor from Indiana who accused Dr Eric Bannec of Indiana University North Hospital of racism during her Covid-19 treatment, died two weeks after her video detailing her ordeal. The 52-year-old physician was diagnosed with the disease on Nov. 29.

Moore's death sparked widespread anger on social media with many asking an inquiry into the treatment provided by Bannec. The physician died on Sunday from Covid-19 complications.

dr eric bannec
Dr Eric Bannec accused of racism by dead black physician in her viral video. Twitter

'I Don't Trust This Hospital'

Moore accused the white doctor and the hospital staff of providing inadequate care to her because of her color and said she did not trust the hospital. The video, which was uploaded on her social media page two weeks ago, showed Moore lying in her hospital bed with an oxygen tube placed up to her nose.

"I don't trust this hospital. That is not how you treat patients. This is the second-worst day here at IU North," Moore explained in the video. "Yesterday, Dr. [Eric] Bannec wanted to send me home. At that time I had only received two treatments of the remdesivir. He says: 'Ah, you don't need it. You're not even short of breath,' I said, 'Yes, I am.' Then he went on to say: 'You don't qualify.'"

Adding that Bannec advised her to go home as he didn't feel comfortable giving her more narcotics, Moore said that despite severe pain in the neck she wasn't given any pain medication. "He made me feel like I was a drug addict. And he knew I was a physician. I don't take narcotics. I was hurt," she said.

According to Daily Mail, a CT scan of Moore's neck and lungs showed inflammation in the areas, which was causing her pain and discomfort.

Stating that she received pain medication only after the scans showed inflammation. "You have to show proof that you have something wrong with you in order for you to get the medicine. I put forth and I maintain if I was white, I wouldn't have to go through that. That man [Bannec] never came back and apologized," she said in her video.

Social Media Demands Action Against the Erring Doctor

The death of the black physician sparked severe reactions on social media with many demanding action against Bannec. In her video, accusing the hospital staff of being biased towards colored people, Dr Moore had said, "'This is how black people get killed when you send them home and they don't know how to fight for themselves."

"Rest in peace Dr. Moore. This is heartbreaking. I expect @IU_Health to do a thorough investigation of Dr. Eric Bannec's treatment which appears negligent and bias," tweeted a user.

"Everyone - @dennismurphy340 is the CEO of @IU_Health. Let's all tell him to fire dr eric bannec, whose negligent, racist, horrible treatment killed her, and bring him up on charges!" tweeted another.

"I would sue you fucks into oblivion. She was a doctor diagnosing herself . You should have listened. But you ignored her pleas. She's dead. And Eric Bannec seems to be a piss poor representative of your organization. He should be fired. And you should be fined," read another tweet.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the IU Health system told the news outlet that IU Health President and CEO Dennis Murphy has called for a third-party review with a diverse panel of healthcare and diversity experts to understand both the technical aspects of the care provided and the human elements of the patient experience.