Vape Vaccine: Did Pfizer Roll Out COVID-19 Vaporizer Cartridge Made in China? Here is the Truth

More than a week after Pfizer rolled out its injectable COVID-19 vaccine, a fake claim suggesting that a 'vape-vaccine' was rolled out by the pharma giant went viral on internet. Images of freshly packed vaccine, termed 'vaporizer cartridge', was shared multiple times on various social media platforms.

COVID-19, the global pandemic, first surfaced in the Wuhan province of China in December last year. Since then, in the absence of any vaccine, until now, it has infected nearly 78 million people and killed more than 1.71 million.

Vape Vaccine
Fake COVID-19 Vape Vaccine. Twitter

Vape Vaccine Leaves Netizens Confused

The viral image of the fake product shows a liquid filled cartridge in a neatly sealed pack using Pfizer logo. The single dose vaccine cartridge is to be used in an electric cigarette and inhaled as a vapor. The package clearly states the cartridge to be carrying 1 ml dose of coronavirus vaccine.

The package which carried the Pfizer logo mentions the pharma giant as 'makers of the boner pill.' The 'vape vaccine' is made in China, as mentioned on the pack.

The image took many netizens by surprise with many questioning its authenticity. "Now this a vaccine I can get behind," tweeted a user as other said, "A classic case of visual misdirection..... Netizens go gaga over Pfizer Corona Virus vaccine pic being made in China & its supposed original pic that's not made in China Ppl fail to see 2 big clues - "vaporizer cartridge" - vaccine is IM inj "boner pill."

"While it's made in China, it's a vaporizer cartridge. How can one vape a vaccine? That's taking it to another level," wrote another. "The pfizer vaccine comes from Germany but in the lower right corner why does it say made in china.. ?" read another tweet.

The Truth Behind COVID-19 Vape Vaccine

Pfizer has refuted the hoax of manufacturing a vape vaccine against coronavirus. In an emailed response to Reuters, the pharma giant confirmed the vaporizer to be fake.

The outlet reported that the real vaccine is being made using Pfizer and BioNTech's combined manufacturing network in Germany, Belgium and the United States. The Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is injected into the upper arm and given as two doses 21 days apart.

Mike Pence
US Vice President Mike Pence while getting COVID-19 vaccine shot. Twitter

In an email sent to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Pfizer spokesperson Andy Widger said, "That is not a Pfizer product. Our COVID-19 vaccine currently comes in multi dose vials and is an injectable vaccine."

This article was first published on December 23, 2020
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