Who is Eric Coomer? Dominion Executive Sues Trump Campaign, Rudy Giuliani and Others For Defamation

Eric Coomer, the security Director of Colorado-based Dominion Voting Systems, has filed a defamation suit against US President Donald Trump's campaign, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and 12 others. Coomer, who is presently under hiding following the death threats, has accused the defendants of branding him as traitor and criminal without any evidence.

Coomer has also filed the defamation suit against news outlets including Conservative Daily, The Gateway Pundit blog and its founder, Jim Hoft, One America News Network and one of its employees, Chanel Rion, and Newsmax.

Eric Coomer
Eric Coomer is the director of product security and strategy for Dominion Voting Systems. Twitter

'Threats Will Not Go Away After January 20'- Coomer

In the lawsuit filed in Denver District Court, Coomer said that he's suffered "harm to his reputation, emotional distress, stress, anxiety, lost earnings and other pecuniary loss."

Dominion hit the spotlight after Trump and his campaign alleged that the system was compromised causing 2020 Presidential elections being rigged. In a tweet posted on Nov 16, Trump wrote: "Dominion is running our Election. Rigged!" He also claimed that Dominion Voting deleted millions of votes cast for him — and changed more than 600,000 others.

Despite the company responding and countering the allegations against them, the rumors regarding its role in leading to Trump's loss continue to flare up. Earlier, speaking to CBS News, Coomer had said that the threats and allegations will not go away after President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. "I do not think this goes away on January 20. I think it will continue for a long time," he told the outlet early December.

Coomer Was Issued Death Threats After Trump Campaign's Allegations

The 52-page lawsuit states: "Without concern for the truth or the consequences of their reckless conduct, defendants branded Dr. Coomer a traitor to the United States, a terrorist and a criminal of the highest order."

Denver Post reported that Oltmann, who is at the center of the alleged defamation, welcomes the lawsuit filed against him. "Everything I said was absolutely true, without exception. He thinks I am going to back down? I won't," Oltmann told the outlet. The lawsuit stated that Oltmann, without evidence, claimed that Coomer promised far-left activists Trump would lose the election. It has made Coomer a villain in the eyes of the Trump campaign and in far-right media outlets.

Oltmann is also accused of attempting to incite violence against Coomer, through his social media post which mentioned Coomer and stated, "They certify this election and we go to war."

CBS reported that Coomer's photo and details about his family and home were posted in far-right chat rooms, following which the Dominion employee started receiving death threats via social media, phone calls and text messages.

"Defendants knowingly circulated and amplified a baseless conspiracy theory to challenge the integrity of the presidential election. The deluge of misinformation has caused immense injury to Dr. Coomer's reputation, professional standing, safety, and privacy. Once an esteemed private election technology expert, Dr. Coomer has been vilified and subjected to an onslaught of offensive messages and harassment," stated the lawsuit.