Who is Elizabeth Knighton? 'Racist' Owner of Orlando-Based Bodi Beauty Bar Calls Asian Restaurant Worker Chinese Bit*h, Ching Chong

An Orlando woman was caught racially abusing the Asian worker at King Cajun Crawfish after being declined a refund for the food which she didn't like. The racist woman was later identified as Elizabeth Knighton, owner of Orlando-based Bodi Beauty Bar.

The Orlando-based restaurant also posted the video of the racial rant while disclosing the identity of the woman.

racist woman
The woman went on to racially abuse a worker at King Cajun Crawfish, in Orlando, Florida. Twitter

Racist Woman Took Away Her Leftovers

The racist woman, dressed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans is seen arguing with a worker at the restaurant's counter. Apart from repeatedly calling the owner a "Chinese b**ch," the woman also asked the Asian worker to go back to her country.

In a post made on Instagram, King Cajun Crawfish wrote: "She ordered snow crabs and fried shrimp. At the end of the meal to pay, she said the shrimp was spoiled (it wasn't) and she ate 3. We said sorry we cannot refund it and she started saying racist remarks."

The victim, identified as Kristen Nguyen, is seen recording the racist woman, as she takes out her phone and starts filming the worker. "We're gonna make sure you go on Google," she says.

"You're a Chinese b**ch, not me," the woman goes on to add as Nguyen responds, "Okay, I got you on camera calling me that."

"You're a Chinese bitch. You're a Chinese bitch, you want me to spell it for you? You're a Chinese bitch," she goes on to add. The woman is then seen leaving the counter, only to return seconds later to collect the box of food which she complained about. "Take your a– back to your country. Ching chong," she is heard telling the victim.

Social Media Blasts Racist Woman

In the social media post, the restaurant claimed that the racist woman was identified through her receipt as the proprietor of a local skincare business. "Her actual name is Liz Knighton. Elizabeth Knighton of Bodi Beauty Bar (she's now claiming it's not her. It's her. We have the receipt as well. I guess she doesn't know we can Google her LLC business.)," read a part of the post.

Knighton's business page on Yelp was bombarded with negative reviews after her racist rant went viral.

"The owner of this business is a racist. Don't patronize this business if you want to help stand up against racism. Racism should not be supported," read a review.

"Owner enjoys using racial slurs and thinks she can hide claiming it wasn't her using her card with her full name on it to pay as if she's never accepted card payment before and doesn't realize the paper trail it leaves. I'd leave zero stars if I could, absolutely pitiful and disgusting behavior," wrote a user.