Who is William Redden? Florida 'Drug Dealer' Caught Abusing Dead Body of Stephanie Shenefield Before Throwing It in a Ditch

William Redden, a 51-year-old man from Florida, was caught on camera dragging the lifeless body of Stephanie Shenefield through his house. A mother of two, Shenefield's decomposed body was found in a ditch in Palmetto.

Redden had been charged with abuse of a corpse, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of an altered firearm due to the absence of a serial number. He's presently in the Manatee County Jail on an $108,000 bond.

William Redden
William Redden was caught on camera dragging the lifeless body of Stephanie Shenefield in his house. Twitter

Redden Lied About Shenefield Leaving His House Alive

The Florida woman was reported missing on June 3, after she didn't show up for work and also had missed a concert Friday evening.

Her decomposed body was found lying in a drainage ditch by a couple walking their dogs on Thursday evening, six days after she went missing. However, her cause of death has not been ascertained yet.

The New York Post reported that during the course of investigation it was found that the victim had taken an Uber to the home of Redden, an alleged drug dealer, at 1:20 a.m. on Friday.

Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells said that Redden told the deputies, who arrived at his house, that Stephanie arrived at his house on Friday. "He tells them that they hung out for a while and that Stephanie left the residence that next morning," Wells said.

Redden Seen Dragging the Body on Surveillance Cameras

The country sheriff said that after getting consent from Redden to take his the DVRs from surveillance cameras on the inside and exterior of the house, the final moments of Shenefield's life were revealed.

After wrapping the woman's lifeless body in a piece of white sheet, Redden is seen dragging the dead body through his house.

Wells said that after dragging the body through the house, Redden placed it in the car and drove to the ditch to throw the body.

"William Redden does nothing about it. He doesn't call 911, he doesn't call authorities, he doesn't call anyone," Wells said during a press conference.

"William Redden is a piece of crap, that's what he is. He had the opportunity to call law enforcement, to call 911, to try to save her. He could have done a lot of things, but that's not his character. The only thing he thought of was trying to get rid of the evidence that was in his car – that was a human being; that was someone that was truly loved in this community," he went on to add.