Who is Dino Tomassetti? Body-Builder Who Shot Parents on Christmas Morning at Long Island Mansion Arrested

Dino Tomassetti, the 29-year-old body builder, who shot his parents has been arrested. Rocco Tomassetti and his wife Vinceta Marsicano-Tomassetti were attacked inside the couple's 8,751-square foot mansion in tony Hewlett Harbor on Christmas morning.

The Constriction tycoon is renowned for projects including Goldman Sachs headquarters near Ground Zero, the Bank of America headquarters, condominiums and many more renowned sites.

Dino Tomassetti
Dino Tomassetti Instagram/dino_tomassetti

Tomassetti Had Fled After Firing Shots at His Parents

In the incident which took place at 10 am at the victims $3.2 million Long Island estate, Tomassetti after shooting at his parents fled the place in a Cadillac Escalade.

The Daily Voice reported that the police released the number plate of the vehicle which Tomassetti used to escape the crime scene. The SUV was also being tracked by the authorities using GPS. The body-builder and personal trainer was arrested by the police in New Jersey, the same night. A Nassau County police spokesman said that the Tomassetti was awaiting extradition to New York on Sunday.

Rocco Tomassetti and his wife Vinceta Marsicano-Tomassetti
Rocco Tomassetti and his wife Vinceta Marsicano-Tomassetti Twitter

The couple, who was immediately transferred to the hospital by the authorities, had to undergo surgeries for their wounds. While Vincenza was shot in the head, her husband received bullet injuries in the back. Rocco is still in serious condition.

Motive For Shooting Remains Unclear

While the motive for shooting was not disclosed by the authorities, Tomassetti is currently being charged locally with being a fugitive from justice. The severity of charges he faces in Nassau County will depend on the respective conditions of his parents, the outlet reported.

Tomassetti's social media pages are flooded with pictures of him showing off his bulging muscles. It also has images of Tomassetti working out in the gym while lifting weights. Some pictures also include his travels to places including Paris and the Caribbean.

Speaking to New York Post, one of the Tomasetti's friend was asked if he was a violent man. "Nope. Not at all. He's my best friend. I really don't want to talk about it," she told the outlet.

Describing Tomasetti as "a great guy", a worker in his building said, "What can you do?" the worker said. "I'm from the South Bronx. S–t happens every f–king day, man. Not much I can do about it. He did what he felt like he needed to do, I guess. He's a great guy, man. I wouldn't expect him to do something like that."

The couple has three children, including twins Rocco and Dino, and daughter Gina, 24, reported the outlet.