Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Gets Beaten Up by His Wife on Christmas Eve? Blames it on 'Medication Imbalance'

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones wife, Erika Wulff Jones, was arrested on Christmas Eve on domestic violence charge. However, the authorities haven't disclosed the victim, leaving many social media users to wonder, if it was Jones himself.

Jones ex-wife Kelly Morales took to Twitter alleging that Erika physically abused one of her kids while the conspiracy theorist verbally abused their daughter.

Alex Jones
Conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones. Twitter

Alex Jones Defends His Wife's Actions, Blames it on Medication

The Daily News reported that the 43-year-old was detained around 8:45 p.m. on Friday and taken to Austin jail. She has been charged with misdemeanor charges of assault causing bodily injury to a family member and resisting arrest, search or transport.

However, defending his wife's action, Jones told The Associated Press that it was a side effect of the medicine being taken by her. "It's a private family matter that happened on Christmas Eve. I love my wife and care about her and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance," Jones said.

Taking to Twitter, Jones ex-wife Morales blamed him for neglecting their three kids and subjecting them to the abuse at the hands of Erika. "1/No one believed my then 12 yr old daughter when she told CPS Alex's wife had assaulted her. Alex knew/allowed this & both have mistreated my kids horribly Alex Jones is my ex & was verbally abusive to my daughter yesterday, his own kid. Christmas Eve," Morales, who divorced Jones in 2015, wrote.

Earlier, while accusing Erika of being a prostitute, Morales said that she also exposed her kids to adult material. "Erika Wulff Jones lied about her prostitution history on the stand, denying ownership of her SugarNights acct. Forensic data investigators have been able to tie to her it via her ph #. Alex's nanny testified about my kids' exposure to adult materials in Alex's home, as can I," she claimed in a November tweet.

Is Alex Jones the Victim of Domestic Abuse

Even as the authorities did not disclose the name of Erika's victim, there was a speculation about it being Jones himself.

Besides trolling the conspiracy theorists, social media users also fueled the theory that it was Jones who was physically assaulted by his wife.

"The hatemonger Alex Jones was seemingly beaten up by his wife - poetic justice! He claims she didn't take her medication - or is it possible she came out of her self medicated daze and tried to climb out of Jones' conspiracy riddled rabbit hole? Delusional Don is now his target!!"read a tweet.

"I'm old enough to remember Alex Jones taking horse dewormer on his show and the fucker couldn't even breathe. To Mrs. Jones: I get it. I really do," wrote a user as another added, "Alex Jones' wife arrested on domestic violence charges. It's not going to go over well with Jones' audience if he was beaten up by his wife."

"He was beaten up for being Alex Jones," wrote a user.

"Alex Jones told his wife and kids that Christmas is not real and Santa Claus is fake. His wife beat the s**t outta him," read another tweet.