Who is Darrell Brooks? Wisconsin Christmas Day Parade Suspect is Rapper 'Mathboi Fly'?

A speeding red-colored SUV left over 20 people injured after it rammed through crowds during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. The authorities have recovered the vehicle and a 'person of interest' has been taken into custody.

Is Waukesha Attacker Darrell Brooks a Registered Sex Offender?

Even though the police have not yet revealed the name of the suspect, several social media users including some journalists have identified him as Darrell Edward Brooks J, a 39-year-old man with criminal history.

darell Brooks
darrell Brooks
Darrell Brooks (right) and the suspect driving the speeding SUV which ran over multiple people during the Christmas Day Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday.

Who is Darrell Brooks?

Soon after the chilling videos of the SUV running over the adults and kids during the parade surfaced, close shots of the driver and possible suspect surfaced on social media. The driver, a black man, was seen wearing a grey hoodie and sported a beard and moustache.

Identifying the suspect, NY Post's Karol Markowicz tweeted, "Darrell E. Brooks, black male, late 30s is the suspect in custody in Waukesha."

"I can confirm, as I have his birthday, that this is the man in custody in Waukesha," she went on to confirm in a separate tweet while sharing Brooks' criminal record. "I have no take on this story. I am sharing information. These are the factual details. The one detail I have that is unconfirmed is his Twitter account which, anyway, is not that interesting and hasn't been updated in a long time," read another tweet.

A twitter user @TheQuartering wrote, "Suspect via MULTIPLE sources In killing several and injuring scores more in #Waukesha Just released 2 days ago on bond as well. Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. A real winner." The user also posted a picture of a red-colored SUV claiming that it was seen parked in front of the suspect's house few days ago. "Here is the murder vehicle parked in front of his house. Captured via google maps photograph. It's him," tweeted the user.

Brooks Used the SUV in His Rap Song Too

NBC reported that according to law enforcement officials it appeared that the driver of the speeding SUV was trying to flee from a scene following a knife fight or stabbing incident.

The Heavy reported that following Brooks name being released on the police scanner, police arrived at a Milwaukee address used by him. The outlet further reported that the Brooks complained of shoulder pain when being taken into custody.

Some social media users even claims that Brooks is a rapper known as 'Mathboi Fly' who came out with a single 'Half a Tikket'

Andy Ngo, the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, tweeted, "The man in custody over the mass casualty incident at the #Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade has posts on his social media in support of BLM causes, George Floyd & black nationalism. He also has a post about how to get away with running people over on the street."