Who is Cydney Christine? Antonio Brown Shares Intimate Photo of Model Threatening To Expose Her for Cash

The model who was in bed with Antonio Brown in the scandalous photo goes by @CydneyChristine on Instagram.

Antonio Brown's scandalous Instagram photo which shows him sharing bed with a model has left fans baffled on social media as the disgraced NFL free agent threatened to expose the mystery model if she doesn't return the money she owed him. While the circumstances behind Brown's demand remains unclear, the photo posted by him on the social media platform shows the model covering half of her face with a comforter while Brown lie to her side in an intimate way.

Brown tagged the mode in his threat message on Instagram and the only identification is her handle, @CydneyChristine, which according to the IG page belongs to a model cum music producer Cydney Christine. Brown also shared a screenshot of a text message he exchanged with Christine, who happens to be romantically involved with NFL receiver DeSean Jackson in the past.

"Please don't do that to me," the other party, Christine presumably said to Brown in response to his message. "I'm really sorry. I just didn't like the way you were talking to me. This isn't gonna help anything. What can I do to fix it?'" she asked in her reply. To this Brown gave her an ultimatum reply. "Send my money b***h,' he wrote. '5k or u be exposed," he said. Christine then said, "I will, What's your PayPal?"

Antonio Brown
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"Hoe u know stop playing wit me b**** ima show u This time," Brown's responded. In another Instagram post, Christine expressed that she "can't control the past" and hence needs to "do better next time."

Who is Cydney Christine?

Christine was born on July 21, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. She's an entrepreneur who has modeled for several popular brands so far. With over 795,000 followers on Instagram, Christine is also a '5x Platinum Producer'. Apart from being linked to DeSean Jackson, the model is said to have been in a relationship with singer Trey Songz. According to reports, the diva was also friends with deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle.