Who is Colby Trickle? US Man Kills Wife, Uses Insurance Money to Buy Sex Doll and Musical Instruments

Trickle, the man in question, initially reported his wife Kristen Trickle's death as a suicide.

In a startling turn of events, a man in the United States has made headlines for purchasing a life-size sex doll valued at $2,000, just days after receiving an insurance payout following the death of his wife, whom he was found guilty of murdering.

Colby Trickle and Wife

Colby Trickle, the man in question, initially reported his wife Kristen Trickle's death as a suicide in 2019, stating she had shot herself in their home in Hays, Kansas. However, suspicions arose when investigating officers found inconsistencies in his account. Although initially released, authorities continued probing the case.

Nearly four years later, reports emerged revealing Colby cashed in on two life insurance policies belonging to his wife, totaling over $120,000. Shockingly, just days after receiving this substantial sum, he invested a significant portion in a life-size sex doll.

Speaking to CBS News' 48 hours, a detective expressed concern over Colby's actions, stating that his purchase of the doll shortly after his wife's death raised red flags.

Furthermore, the deceased's aunt, Delynn Rice, voiced her dismay, equating the purchase to Colby replacing his wife with the doll using her own insurance money.

Adding to the controversy, it was disclosed that Colby swiftly spent the entire insurance payout within eight months. He splurged on video games, settled debts, and purchased music equipment, harboring aspirations of becoming a performer.

Legal action against Colby ensued, with him being charged with first-degree murder and obstructing justice in July 2021, around 21 months after the incident. During the trial in September 2023, prosecutors highlighted Colby's purchase of the sex doll as damning evidence against him.

In November 2023, a jury unanimously found Colby guilty of murder, resulting in a life sentence without the possibility of parole for 50 years. Throughout the trial, Colby's mother, Tina Kreutzer, defended her son, claiming the doll was meant to provide him solace and warmth amidst the trauma of his wife's death.