Who Is Cody Heron? Philadelphia Dirt Biker Who Stomped on Mom's Car With Kids Inside Arrested after His Employer and Public Tip Off Police

The situation escalated to the point where the man believed to be Heron pulled out a gun and threatened the mother.

The motorcyclist, seen in a widely circulated viral video stomping out the rear windshield of a car with two young children inside, was arrested on Wednesday following tips from the suspect's employer and other concerned social media users, authorities said. The suspect was identified as Cody Heron, 26, by members of the public after his video went viral.

Heron has since been charged with possession of an instrument of crime, recklessly endangering another person and multiple counts of aggravated assault over the Sunday night attack. The incident took place in Philadelphia. In the video, Heron can be seen hitting Nikki Bullock's car before climbing onto it and the car's back windshield in front of a crowd of onlookers and motorists.

Arrested at Last

Cody Heron
Cody Heron X

At the time of the incident, both of Bullock's children, aged five and two, were inside the car. The situation escalated to the point where the man believed to be Heron pulled out a gun and threatened the mother. However, no one present at the scene intervened to help the helpless mother.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the tumultuous encounter, which transpired at a red light. However, the suspect was able to drive away without any hindrance, prompting outraged members of the public to fervently work toward identifying and condemning the assailant.

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore confirmed that these collective efforts were not in vain. He announced that a suspect had been arrested, crediting the influx of tips and information for the successful resolution.

He wrote of the motorcyclist seen in the clip - which is now being shared nationwide: "Great tips from public and some outstanding detective work."

"SIG & Major Crimes Detectives have made an arrest overnight in the assault/vandalism that occurred on Sunday in center city, involving the male on the motorcycle."

Cody Heron
Cody Heron seen stomping on the car of Nikki Bullock before smashing the back windshield while her two kids were inside X

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, known for his leniency, reportedly requested a $5 million bail for Heron. However, during Heron's arraignment on Wednesday night, a judge set the bail at 10% of $2,500,000, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Although the announcement from police did not officially identify the suspect as Heron, law enforcement sources told 6abc Philadelphia that he was indeed the man arrested in connection with the case.

This confirmation was further reinforced by various analytical videos created by concerned citizens who extensively examined social media accounts to identify the man wearing the helmet in the video.

Cody Heron
Cody Heron seen smashing the windshield of the car X

Also, prosecutors alleged that Heron is the motorcyclist seen in the video breaking the car window and then brandishing a gun at a mother who had exited her vehicle to confront him.

"Cody Heron, who was recklessly riding his motorcycle through the heavily populated streets of Center City Philadelphia while carrying a firearm, senselessly assaulted an innocent woman and her children who were simply going about their evening," Assistant District Attorney William Fritze said in a statement.

Harrowing Experience

According to reports, Heron was arrested on E. Stiles Street in the Frankford section of the city, around seven miles away from where the motorcycle altercation occurred. The incident, resembling a scene from "Mad Max," took place around 9 pm at a busy intersection near City Hall.

Cody Heron
Nikki Bullock, the brave mother, is seen coming out of her car and confronting Cody Heron, while none of the onlookers came to her help X

The altercation began when a group of ATV and dirt bike riders gathered at a red light, and the person believed to be Heron confronted Bullock's red sedan. While both remained in their vehicles, a dispute regarding changing lanes ensued between the two.

In an interview with NBC10, Bullock, the brave mother, shared that the incident began when she changed lanes to navigate around the group of bikers. Her composed and assertive handling of the interaction earned her admiration from many.

Cody Heron
Cody Heron even brandished a gun at Nikki Bullock after she confronted him X

"They're not paying attention to lanes," she told the outlet in her first interview following the incident. "They're just doing whatever. So I'm turning in the lane and he just hits the side of the car."

There is limited information available about Heron, except for various social media profiles that indicate he is a local motorist who also uses the name John Carroll. Several social media users have identified him as the perpetrator in recent days, a claim that has been corroborated by police insiders speaking to multiple outlets.

As of now, specific details regarding the charges against him are unclear. However, authorities in Philadelphia are considering potential charges, including the possibility of attempted murder, stemming from the alarming incident.