Who is Charles Dickens Imene Oliha? Sudanese Diplomat Accused of Twice Raping Neighbor 'Vanishes' and Evades Arrest on Diplomatic Immunity

A Sudanese diplomat who was arrested for raping his 24-year-old neighbor twice has "vanished" after his diplomatic immunity helped him evade the rape charges. Charles Dickens Imene Oliha, a father of four kids, is a career diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in South Sudan.

The diplomat, who works at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of South Sudan to the United Nations, allegedly raped the victim at her Washington Heights apartment building.

Charles Dickens Imene Oliha
Charles Dickens Imene Oliha
Charles Dickens Imene Oliha

Oliha Followed the Woman into Her Apartment

The New York Post reported that the victim was out walking a dog in the Upper Manhattan when the Sudanese diplomat made a pass at her. After she rejected his advances, Oliha followed her to their apartment building after which he forced himself inside her apartment. The assault took place in the same building where the 46-year-old accused also lives with his wife and four kids.

As per the police report, after following the victim into the lift, Oliha told her that he was coming to her apartment. Even though she said, "No, you're not," the Sudanese diplomat forced his way into her apartment. He then went on to pin the victim against the wall and proceeded to rape her twice, once with condom and later without. The alleged assault took place in the afternoon, while the victim, who claimed to be in shock after the incident, called the police in the night after her friend convinced her to report.

As per NYPD since Oliha was entitled to the diplomatic immunity they were forced to let him go without any charges. The outlet further reported that after he was released Oliha has not been seen and no sound came from his apartment.

Oliha is Known as a Drunk

In a communique to the outlet, the State Department while declining to comment on the location of the Sudanese diplomat said that they do not comment on the specifics of ongoing investigations. "We are aware of the incident referenced involving a diplomat accredited to the United Nations. We take these allegations seriously, and we are working closely with the New York Police Department and the Mayor's Office of International Affairs, as we do in all legal and criminal cases involving foreign diplomats assigned to Permanent Missions and Observer Offices at the UN," the representative said in the e-mail.

The Daily Mail reported that a video showing a drunk Oliha passed out on the street has surfaced. The outlet further reported that the Sudanese diplomat is often seen passed outside his building. He usually spent his days drinking Coors Light while standing outside his building. Speaking to the outlet one of the neighbors said that Oliha is known as a drunk here. "Everyone knows him around here as a drunk, he drinks every night on that front step. He's not a diplomat. In the morning he's a gentleman in his suit. In the evening, he's drunk. He sits on those steps evcry day drunk and drinking."

Claiming that no one believed when Oliha said that he was a diplomat. "He used to tell everyone he worked for the UN but no one believed him because he was always drunk. It wasn't until this happened that we all were like wow he wasn't lying," said another neighbor.