Who is Burt Colucci? Neo-Nazi Group Leader in Florida Arrested For Attacking, Spitting on Jewish Student

Three persons have been arrested after a Jewish student at the University of Central Florida claimed he was attacked by a group of self-proclaimed neo-Nazis who yelled antisemitic slogans near a central Florida shopping plaza over the weekend. The arrested persons have been identified as Burt Colucci, 45, Joshua Terrell, 46, both charged for hate crime enhancement while Jason Brown, 47, has been charged with grand theft, the Orange County Sheriff's Office reported.

According to officials, all three belong to the National Socialist Movement, known as one of the nation's largest neo-Nazi groups.

Reports suggest that David Newstat, a Jewish passerby, who confronted the neo-Nazi group during Saturday's demonstration in Orange County, Florida, was spat on, punched, kicked and pepper-sprayed after he got into a fight with some of the participants. However, there weren't any arrests at the time.

Who is Burt Colucci
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What happened between David Newstat and the neo-Nazi group members?

Speaking of the attack, Newstat said, "I'm trying to go to the store, to Target, and I'm coming back home, and I'm being berated by Nazis."

"My grandfather was a survivor. Other members of my family were survivors of the Holocaust and migrated to the U.S. after. It's very sad to see people like this can be so ignorant and can have so much hatred built up in their hearts," he added.

Who is Burt Colucci?

Burt Colucci is the leader of Neo-Nazi group. Colucci has been indicted by a Maricopa County grand jury for disorderly conduct charges.

According to reports, last week, it was announced that the Neo-Nazi leader has been indicted on three charges, out of which two are for misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and one for felony disorderly conduct. According to the felony charge, Colucci knowingly disturbed the peace of a neighborhood, family, or person, by recklessly handling, displaying, or discharging a handgun.

The case stems from an incident at a Hilton hotel parking lot in April 2021, wherein Colucci was booked for aggravated assault.