Allie Rae: Hospital Nurse Fired Over Sharing Nudes on OnlyFans Launches Her Own Adult Crypto App

OnlyFans stripper Allie Rae, who created a huge buzz on the internet soon after quitting her hospital job to focus on creating exclusive content on the X-rated platform and make a career in the adult industry as a sex worker, is once again grabbing attention for her unique stunt that is increasing her bank balance with hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

Rae, who was working in the neonatal intensive care nursing unit of a top Massachusetts hospital, is currently earning a whopping $250,000 per month by sharing her nude photos and racy videos from her sex life with her husband. She quit her job after her peers found her OnlyFans. Rae started earning thousands of dollars after news outlets highlighted the scandal of her firing, according to reports.

The mother-of-three star was busy creating content for her OnlyFans when six days later, the platform announced that it would totally ban sexually explicit videos and photos due to pressure from banking partners. Though OnlyFans decided to keep allowing creators to publish NFSW material, Rae started looking for new income opportunities which led her to cryptocurrency.

Allie Rae
Allie Rae Instagram

New OnlyFans Alternative Coming Up Soon

The OnlyFans stripper is currently busy developing her own crypto-based OnlyFans alternative platform called WetSpace, the beta version of which is expected to launch this month. The platform with an Instagram-like user interface will support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and stable coins, however, without any dedicated token, according to reports in a leading news portal.

Rae Charges $12 Per Month for Exclusive Content

Earlier in 2016, Rae used to earn around $65,000 to $75,000 a month on the X-rated site, but now, her income has increased by over 260%. Rae currently charges $12 for giving access to her hot and exclusive videos on OnlyFans. Users can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or even for a whole year at discount rates. The status on her OnlyFans profile says, "Hey Cutie glad you've landed here. Outside of OnlyFans, I'm just ur average girl."