Bodybuilder Shares Cute Snap With Girlfriend Before Killing and Dumping Her Body in Acid Bath

Police on Sunday found the remains of a woman in a bathtub filled with acid. The body is said to be of a young teenage woman, who was married to a bodybuilder, who shared a cute photo of him and his girlfriend just days before being charged for her murder.

The acid bath killer identified as bodybuilder Meraj Zafar has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Aminah Hyatt, 19, before dumping her into an acid-filled bathtub. Reportedly, the couple tied the knot just weeks before Hyatt's remains were found allegedly at their property in Sydney, Australia, however, this is yet to be confirmed.

Court documents reveal that the body of Zafar's girlfriend may have been lying in the tub filled with acid for more than a day before police found her body, according to a report in Daily Mail. Further details reveal that the teenager was murdered between 12 and 5 PM on Saturday, which is more than 24 hours before her body was discovered.

Bodybuilder who killed girlfriend
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Relatives of Hyatt who were worried about her sudden disappearance went to the police and raised their concern on Sunday, who then smashed their way into the apartment only to witness the deceased dissolving in the bathtub filled with acid.

Soon after discovering Hyatt's dissolving body, detectives launched a manhunt for her boyfriend, Zafar, with the police. While they were searching for the accused, Zafar turned himself in after a few hours.

How Hyatt Met Her Alleged Killer?

Hyatt met her alleged killer after traveling from Bangladesh to Australia and ended up marrying him within weeks before her demise in a whirlwind romance that has left both families upset.

Zafar's lawyer, Mohamad Sakr, on Tuesday faced court on behalf of the accused and stated that the alleged killer was 'distraught' being in custody.

Alleged Acid Bath Killer Owned A Black BMW Coupe

Reportedly, Zafar owned a black BMW coupe and a large truck, the former of which was allegedly searched and subsequently taken away by detectives. Zafar's lawyer did not apply for bail, and magistrate Shane McAnulty formally refused to grant bail to the murder accused.