Who Is Brikitta Kool-Daniels? Basketball Star Dyson Daniels' Smoking Hot Mom Steals the Show at 2022 NBA Draft

Her perfect figure and stunning attire soon sparked a flurry of tweets from admirers who gushed about how beautiful she looked at the event.

The 2022 NBA Draft took place on Thursday night that saw basketball teams pick their new players for the upcoming season. However, it was not a sports star who stole the show but one of their hot moms. Australian-born athlete Dyson Daniels' mother, Brikitta Kool-Daniels, 54, made heads turn with her stunning outfit and hourglass figure as she walked the Barkley's Centre, New York, with her family.

Before being chosen by the Pelicans with the eighth overall pick in the NBA, Daniels, 19, took the stage while carrying his mother Brikitta Kool-Daniels, in a moment that has since gone viral. A seated interview soon followed and viewers definitely were not changing the channel.

Bombshell Mom

Brikitta Kool-Daniels
Brikitta Kool-Daniels at the 2022 NBA Draft Twitter

Photographers shifted the focus of their cameras from the newly drafted played to Kool-Daniels as she accompanied her son at the Barkley's Center on Thursday night. Kool-Daniels was wearing a low-cut white gown with a slit in the chest area and ruffles that displayed her long legs. And, she quickly became a social media sensation.

Her perfect figure and stunning attire soon sparked a flurry of tweets from admirers who gushed about how beautiful she looked at the event. Videos of Daniels' highlights were shown on TV, but it was Kool-Daniels' previously unreported statistics that sent viewers to search for her social media sites.

Brikitta Kool-Daniels with Dyson Daniels
Brikitta Kool-Daniels with Dyson Daniels Twitter

Messages about Brikitta rapidly flooded the internet, with some referring to her as a "MILF," a "smoke show," and a "snack."

"Dyson Daniels is going to be a trending topic tonight," said reporter Troy Machir on Twitter.

"NBA twitter gonna blow up after seeing Dyson Daniels mom," another user tweeted.

"Dyson Daniel's mom a generational prospect," another Twitter account mentioned.

Brikitta Kool-Daniels
Brikitta Kool-Daniels with Dyson Daniels at the 2022 NBA Draft Twitter

"Christian Braun and Dyson Daniels moms in one draft is once in a lifetime kinda stuff. I'll never forget this night."

"Give me his mom's number," one person joked.

"Let's get Dyson's mom some courtside tickets," tweeted yet another user.

"So far, Dyson Daniels' mom is winning the NBA Draft," added someone else.

"Now trending: Dyson Daniels' mom," someone else tweeted.

"Is Dyson Daniels' mom single?" asked a different user, while another wrote, "Dyson Daniels' mom, lord have mercy."

Center of Attraction

Kool-Daniels too realized that she has turned into an internet sensation in no time. Throughout the course of the evening, she also kept posting a number of photos from inside the Brooklyn Barclays Center on Instagram.

Daniels had previously played for the Ignite of the NBA G League. The Australian-born player earned his senior national team debut for Australia in the 2021 FIBA Asia Cup qualifying tournament.

Brikitta Kool-Daniels with Ricky Daniels
Brikitta Kool-Daniels with Ricky Daniels Twitter

The 19-year-old joined the G League Team Ignite in June 2021, a group designed to provide NBA hopefuls experience playing against more seasoned opponents. He participated in the Rising Stars Challenge during the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend and helped his team win the competition that same year.

However, on Thursday night, people were more interested in knowing about Kool-Daniels. She owns her own fitness center back in Australia. A glam team helped Kool-Daniels get the stunning look for the night out, which she acknowledged on Instagram was a "first for her."

Brikitta Kool-Daniels
Brikitta Kool-Daniels Twitter

The 54-year-old kept her blonde hair in loose curls around her face and wore delicate yet strong makeup. She changed into a hot pink, strappy dress with a side slit for the after-party.

However, many of her admirers will be disappointed to know that Kool-Daniels is married. Ricky Daniels, her spouse and Dyson's father, was a former NBA standout who played for the Bendigo Braves.

Kool-Daniels is also one of her son's biggest fans. She frequently joins him at sporting events and other gatherings and updates her Instagram with encouraging words.