Niece Waidhofer: Instagram Influencer Deleted All Her Posts Except 3 Before Committing Suicide; Was Found Dead after Welfare Check

Waidhofer has more than 4.2 million Instagram followers and routinely used her platform to advocate for mental health.

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Model and Instagram influencer, Niece Waidhofer, 31, who died last month by suicide, initially left her fans confused after she deleted most of her Instagram posts and all her social media accounts. Minutes later she took her own life. She was found dead after a concerned family member called for a welfare check on the social media star.

The model had over 4 million followers on Instagram, where she frequently published original content that she had both photographed and written. But when her account was abruptly deleted, her fans were concerned. A month later, her family has now revealed that Waidhofer took her own life after a long struggle with mental health issues.

Leaving Back No Memories

Niece Waidhofer
This is believed to be the last post by Niece Waidhofer Twitter

Last month, moments before committing suicide, Waidhofer deleted nearly all of her images and videos from her social media accounts, leaving only three posts behind. Waidhofer has more than 4.2 million Instagram followers and routinely used her platform to advocate for mental health.

On March 25, the model posted what looks to be a selfie taken in her car. That is believed to be her final post.

The other two remaining posts are of her with a dog and of Waidhofer with an unidentified man whom she said in the captions she "wanted to spend the rest of my life with."

Niece Waidhofer
Niece Waidhofer Twitter

However, no one knew for hours that Waidhofer had died minutes after deleting her posts and photos from all her social media accounts. A worried family member called up police and them to visit Waidhofer in her Houston, Texas, home, according to what the police department told TMZ.

When police conducted a welfare check, her body was finally discovered in her home. However, it still wasn't clear to her fans and they got worried when suddenly her account was wiped.

Although it was confirmed only this week that Waidhofer died by suicide, her concerned fans started speculating it long back, with Reddit reports of her suicide starting to circulate as early as last month.

Niece Waidhofer
Niece Waidhofer Twitter

"RIP to Niece The strong ones who offer to help and advise also need help and advice. Life is happening to everyone. Rest In Peace," one user wrote in one post on May 28 that shared one of the star's remaining photos - a selfie taken in March.

"It appears she passed away," the user wrote. "My condolences to her family & friends, she will be missed. Her last Instagram pic as a tribute to her."

Struggle with Mental Illness

Although Waidhofer often spoke about mental issues with her fans on social media, not many knew that she too was dealing with similar problems. The influencer's family revealed to TMZ on Thursday that she struggled with her mental health, which led to her taking her own life.

Niece Waidhofer
One of the three Instagram posts Niece Waidhofer didn't delete before committing suicide Instagram

The influencer shot to stardom in 2015 after creating the well-known "Roast Me" fad on Reddit.

"Sadly, Niece took her own life after a long battle with mental health issues," a relative told the outlet.

"She was very open with her followers about her struggles, even wanting to help followers who also suffered," the relative added.

Niece Waidhofer
One of the three posts with an unidentified man which Niece Waidhofer didn't delete before her death Twitter

"She was beautiful and kind, sensitive and funny, creative and talented, generous and compassionate, thoughtful and challenging. While it is so very painful to say goodbye, we take comfort knowing she is reunited with her father, her three grandparents, her Uncle Rusty, and her beloved Puff; and that she is now free to be herself and, finally, at peace."

Her family announced that they would form a nonprofit organization in Waidhofer's memory that would be dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness and providing funds for its study. The charity will be called 'Peace from Niece,' the family said.

Waidhofer reportedly was single at the time of her death. The influencer was reportedly suffering since her father passed away in 2019 following a stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis.