Who is Arora Akanksha? UN Employee Challenges Antonio Guterres For Secretary-General Post

Arora Akanksha, an Indian-origin employee at the United Nations, has announced her candidacy to be its next Secretary-General. The 34-year-old woman, who is working as an audit coordinator for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is all set to run for the post of the world's top diplomat against incumbent Antonio Guterres, who is seeking to retain his position for a second five-year term as chief of the world organization.

Why is She Running?

Akanksha launched her campaign #AroraForSG this month. "People in my position aren't supposed to stand up to the ones in charge. We are supposed to wait our turn, hop on the hamster wheel, go to work, keep our heads down and accept that the world is the way it is," Akanksha said in the campaign video she posted on social media.

The video, which has been shot inside the sprawling UN headquarters, shows Akanksha walking as her voiceover says that so far whosoever has come on the head post of United Nations has not been able to fulfil the responsibilities of the organization properly. "People working on my post do not dare to claim for such a big post, people like us stand in line waiting for their turn," said Akanksha, who is confident of her candidacy for the head post of UN.

Talking about incumbent UN secretary-general Guterres, a 71-year-old former Portuguese prime minister and head of the UN refugee agency for 10 years, Akanksha said that he has failed as a leader in reforming the institution. Guterres started serving as the secretary-general in 2017 after he was selected through a quasi-open process in the year 2016 from a field of 13 candidates, which included seven women.

Who is Arora Akanksha?
Arora Akanksha Twitter screen grab

"For 75 years, the UN has not fulfilled its promise to the world - refugees haven't been protected, humanitarian aid has been minimal, and technology and innovation has been on the back-burner. We deserve a UN that leads progress," said Akanksha.

So far no woman has ever helmed the post of the world's top diplomat in the 75-year United Nations' history. So here is a chance for Arora Akanksha to make history by becoming the first women to hold the post of UN Secretary-General in 2022. But is she going to be elected?

Who is Arora Akanksha?

Akanksha is a graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York. She has a degree in Master of Public Administration (MPA) after completing her Bachelor's from York University. On the work front, the young aspirant worked in various private organizations including EY and PWC.

Arora Akanksha has launched an unprecedented campaign to challenge the status quo and the seat of the Secretary-General to lead the United Nation to fulfil its promise to the world, according to a LinkedIn account made in her name. The About section in her account says: "We are the generation of change. People are the X-factor we want to capitalize to solve big problems. The world is ready for a #UNThatWorks."