Who are Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng? Dominatrices Caught Having Sex With Church Priest at Altar

Professional dominatrices Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng, who were caught having sex with a priest inside the Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Pearl River, Louisiana, have been released after furnishing a bond of $7,500. The duo, along with the priest, were caught engaging in the S&M act by an onlooker, who recorded it being committed on the altar.

Dominatrix is described as a dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities. The priest, Rev Travis Clark, was also released on the bond of $25,000.

Mindy Dixon and Melissa Cheng were caught having sex with Priest Travis Clark (inset) inside a church. Twitter

Dixon Talked About 'Defiling a House of God' Before the Orgy

The corset wearing dominatrices were recorded having sex with the semi-naked Clark, by an onlooker who looked through the church's window after finding the lights on at an odd hour.

According to The Sun, Dixon, who is known as Lady Vi on social media, is a Seattle-based activist for sex workers. Her website, through which she advertises her dungeon and S&M catalogue, describes her as an internationally recognized, established lifestyle/professional Dominatrix with more than nine years of experience.

The page further clarifies that Dixon neither has sex with her clients nor allows them to touch her. "She is the Satanatrix and Proprietress of the Church of Satanatrix™. Beautiful, brazen and delightfully wicked. Lady Vi exudes a unique brand of sinister sexuality, instinctual sadism, and natural born female dominance," describes the page.

In a tweet following the uproar, Dixon posted a GIF of a red devil dancing in a sexually suggestive way. She captioned it, "This is my official fucking statement."

Traumatized Cheng Went For a Vacation to Mexico

Cheng's website describes her being passionate about the art of domination. Cheng calls herself Empress Ming on the social media. "I love being able to break a person down, take them apart, then put them back together... My way," Cheng is quoted on her official website.

Cheng has also given a detailed account on her personal injuries on her OnlyFans page. In the official profile on the page, Cheng calls herself 'Professional Dominatrix' who is kinky, eccentric, half Chinese/half German goddess. Her rates are $350 for one hour, $700 for two hours, and $1,050 for three hours, reported the outlet.

In a tweet posted on October 5, Cheng spoke about going on a vacation to Mexico after being so traumatized. In yet another tweet October 7, she said that she had "been through a lot these past few days," reported Heavy.

Church Altar Burnt After the 'Unholy Act'

According to the court documents, Clark not only engaged in the sexual act with the women, but also recorded the same. Besides spotting the half-naked priest engaged in orgy with corset clad hookers at the altar, the onlooker also spotted sex toys, stage lighting, a mobile phone as well as a separate camera were mounted on tripods.

The Times-Picayune reported that the authorities have burnt the altar after it was made unholy by the sexual act. It would be replaced by a new one on Saturday.

Calling the disgraced priest's action as demonic, Archbishop Gregory Aymond said that he had the altar burned.

"It is a very tough time right now to be a Catholic in the Archdiocese of New Orleans to say the least. Many people feel anger, betrayal and disappointment, and I feel the same way, as do my brother priests. What has happened concerning Pat Wattigny and Travis Clark is unacceptable. It's sinful, and it cannot be tolerated. Let me be clear: Both were removed from ministry immediately and will never serve again in Catholic ministry," said Aymond said in a video message.