Who is Anna Plaksyuk? Russian Teacher Facing 20 Years in Prison After Locking 11-Year-Old Boy in Class, Sexually Assaulting Him

Anna Plaksyuk
Anna Plaksyuk. Facebook

A teacher could face up to 20 years in prison after she was accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old school boy in class.

As reported by the Daily Star, Anna Plaksyuk, 25, worked at a school in Toksovo in Leningrad Region, Russia, when she is said to have began abusing the child in November 2023.

Plaksyuk Accused of Stoking the Boy's Genitals as He Touched Her Breasts

Plaksyuk and the boy would allegedly lock themselves in her classroom during break times and kiss while she "stroked his private parts and let him touch her breasts", local media reported.

The pair also allegedly communicated via text, telling each other they loved each other and swapping X-rated photos. The alleged grooming continued until the child's mother found messages on his phone on January 31 and alerted the school's headteacher and local police.

Paksyuk Facing 20 Years in Prison

Plaksyuk was arrested on charges of committing violent acts of a sexual nature against a minor. Lawyer Ilya Rusyaev said the teacher could be facing two decades in prison.

"As a rule, in our country crimes against children are punished very severely, so most likely she will receive a harsh but fair sentence. A child at this age is not only not fully mature but also may not be fully aware of his actions," Rusyaev added. "Ultimately, such actions can cause psychological trauma to children. For this purpose, the law establishes an age of consent; in our country, it is 16 years."

Plaksyuk received a teaching qualification three years ago. However, Rusyaev added her alleged misdemeanours meant she was "no longer suitable" for the industry. "This is incompatible with educational activities and demonstrates ignorance of the basic psychology of the child," he continued. "Moreover, this is a violation of the ethics of the profession."

The Investigative Committee for the Leningrad Region told local media: "A criminal case has been opened, and actions are being carried out aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident."