Who is Victoria Kasherina? Russian Teacher Fired After Student Shows Her Racy Strip Tease Video to Parent [VIDEO]

A Russian literature teacher has been fired from her job after an angry parent complained to the school about a raunchy video of her showing off her body in lingerie that went viral on social media.

Victoria Kashirina, a 23-year-old from the city of Novosibirsk, grabbed headlines in Russia on Tuesday over a video she posted on her Instagram account.

Victoria Kashirina
Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

The clip in question shows the teacher dropping her coat upon entering her home to reveal herself wearing racy black hosiery and suspenders. The teacher, who works a side job as a pole dancer, is then seen caressing her body and posing provocatively in the 9-second video. Watch the video below:

However, Kashirina, whose students are aged between 11 and 12 years, found herself in hot water after one of her students showed the clip to her mother. The mother then sent the teacher a message complaining about the content.

"Good evening. Could you please not put up a video of this explicit kind? Or close your profile. My daughter is watching this, it clearly undermines your authority as a teacher," the enraged parent wrote, as reported by RT. According to the outlet, Kashirina refused to delete the video and and told the mother that she should keep an eye on her daughter's internet habits, rather than policing others.

Kashirina Fired for 'Immoral Behavior'

The mother then reported the video to school authorities, who then demanded that the teacher tender a letter of resignation, which she declined to do. Having refused to hand in her resignation willingly, she was fired for "immoral behavior." In an interview, the teacher said her dismissal was "absolutely unfair."

"The dismissal is absolutely unfair," she told CNY. "There is nothing here to contradict the rules of the employment contract. Immoral behavior is generally a very abstract concept. Where they saw immoral behavior in my work is a mystery."

Victoria Kashirina
Victoria Kashirina YouTube

The video was filmed for "aesthetic purposes," Kashirina said. She was never concerned about what her students would think of her online persona. "No! I was not worried. Before that, my students followed me on Instagram and saw my content. Our professional relationship did not suffer from this."

She is now hoping the school will pay her compensation and if that fails, she planns to take legal action against the school, where she was brought on as a teacher at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.