Who is Allie Rae? Children's Hospital Nurse Quits Her Job After Co-workers Send Screenshots of Her OnlyFans Content to Her Boss

Rae was forced to leave her nursing job after her fellow nurses subscribed to her OnlyFans account and sent screenshots of her X-rated content to her boss.

A former neonatal ICU nurse reveals she quit her hospital job to focus on a career as a sex worker, which rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

Allie Rae, the stage name that the Massachusetts mother-of-three assumed after taking up sex work, was working at one of the top children's hospitals when her co-workers found out about her Instagram account, where she posted revealing photos of herself, eventually leading them to her OnlyFans account.

Rae's Colleagues Complained to Her Boss

Allie Rae
Allie Rae Instagram

Rae told the Daily Beast that in December Rae had a "Mean Girls" moment after six nurses in her unit reported her X-rated content to her boss. She was let off with a warning, as she did not use her real name, nor stated her place of work.

Three months later, her co-workers subscribed to her OnlyFans account, which she started in September 2020 after her Instagram followers urged her to set it up. Rae posted X-rated content on the platform, including videos of her engaging in sexual acts with her husband, which her co-workers took screenshots of and sent to her manager.

"They subscribed and paid to my OnlyFans account to screenshot it and bring it to my manager," Rae recalled to the Daily Beast. "It was like Mean Girls for adults." Rae's boss gave her an ultimatum: delete the account or leave. Rae chose the latter and is now making more money on OnlyFans than she ever did as a nurse.

Rae Earns Up to $75,000 a Month

By the end of Rae's first day on OnlyFans, she had 20 subscribers, so she started posting every other day and rounded out her first month with $8,000, which was more than her monthly nursing income.

She is now charging users a monthly subscription fee of $12 for access to her content and is selling her pay-per-view videos, which include clips of her masturbating and performing sex acts with her husband, anywhere between $7 to $30 on the platform. Rae now makes about $65,000 to $75,000 a month on the platform and is now focusing on it as a full-time job.

"We try to provide a fly-on-the-wall experience, and I think that's been a huge part of our success during the pandemic," Rae explains. "It's a full-time job for me now, but I never want it to feel like I'm 'selling myself' online. It's just us having fun and enjoying ourselves."

Rae and her husband have also moved to Florida, where they shifted after leaving the hospital in March, only a few months shy of receiving her doctorate in nursing.

Rae and her husband are currently living in Florida, where they moved after she left the hospital in March, only a few months shy of receiving her doctorate in nursing.