OnlyFans Models Earned 270 Times More than Doctors, Lawyers and Teachers: Study

A recent study shed light on the financial aspects of OnlyFans models showing that the top 10 girls on the x-rated website earned 270 times more than the average working class employee who followed the traditional career path.

The study revealed that girls who made a name for themselves on the premium site brought in better income by increasing their followers that have purchasing power.

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The study, which was conducted by a UK-based gaming software website called MrQ, shows a popular model with the account 'gem101' made over $29.4 million in a year, while the 10th most popular model 'capriceG92' raked in $4.3 million annually.

Comparing the amount to top and in-demand professionals such as doctors, lawyers and teachers, their salaries range from $90,000 to $109,000 per annum and most of them never made a million despite having 20-years of experience in their respective fields.

Top 10 highest earning professions
MrQ Research

''That's nearly 270 times as much a year,'' authors wrote in the study and said that the top OnlyFans models earn 22 times more than doctors, lawyers and teachers each month.

''While boning up on hard subjects at university might earn a decent amount as doctors at the pinnacle of their career will earn an average of a little over $109,000 annually, around $9,152 a month, top models like gem101 earn more than 22 times as much in one month alone,'' read an excerpt from the study.

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Leaving doctors, lawyers and teachers aside, any average working class employees salary looks meager in comparison to OnlyFans models remuneration, no matter the profession, position and field of the employee.

''A marketing professional earns just $55,391, while architects earn $67,400 and a journalist earns $52,620 (per annum)," shared researchers highlighting the stark contrast in their latest study.

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MrQ Research

The study shows even the best paying jobs with years of experience and highest educational qualification don't pay anything as nearly to how much OnlyFans models earn each year.

''Among the most popular accounts with listed subscribers, gem101 ranks as the highest earner, with an estimated $29.4 million in annual income, earning an eye-watering $2.49 million each month. This comes from a $29 subscription charge per month and 102,800 subscribers to the account,'' showed the analysis in the report.