Who Is Alison Hopkinson? British Rugby Star Joe Westerman Finds Love with Friend's Wife Six Months After Being Caught Having Sex with Unknown Woman in Alleway

The rugby player made the romance public six weeks ago when he shared a picture of them smiling and cuddling on Instagram, the outlet reported.

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Disgraced rugby league star Joe Westerman has been rebuilding his life and is in a romantic relationship with the wife of a former friend, according to reports. Westerman was dumped by his wife after he was caught on camera performing lewd sex acts with a woman in an alleyway behind a Greggs in his hometown.

The embarrassing headlines from last February, triggered by viral social media footage, also led to the 33-year-old athlete in hot water with his Super League club, Castleford Tigers. However, six months down the line, Westerman seems to have found love in his life again in the form of a local estate agent Alison Hopkinson, 34.

In Love Again After Scandal

Joe Westerman with Alison Hopkinson
Joe Westerman with Alison Hopkinson Instagram

Speaking from her home in Castleford, Hopkinson told MailOnline.com that she is indeed in a relationship with Westerman. She said, "Yes, that's right, but I don't want to say anything further thanks," when asked about their connection.

The rugby player made the romance public six weeks ago when he shared a picture of them smiling and cuddling on Instagram, the outlet reported.

"Awww cuties," and "looking happy, pal," were the comments made by friends.

Just a week ago, Westerman, who is a father of three, shared another photograph on social media. This time, the photo featured him alongside his attractive blonde companion at Pontefract races, accompanied by a heart emoji next to her name.

Alison Hopkinson with Joe Weesterman
Alison Hopkinson with Joe Westerman Instagram

Sue Robinson even commented: "You look so happy I'm so pleased for you xx."

Hopkinson is a mother of two young children. It's understood that she is separated from her husband, Carl, who is 35 years old.

Given the loving photos of the couple, it seems unlikely that Westerman will be reconciling with his wife, Lauren, 33, a primary school teacher.

A Scandal to Remember

The drunken 6ft 4in forward was caught on camera performing a lewd sexual act with a woman described as a "friend's wife," following a night out in Pontefract town center. His humiliation was further compounded when a graphic seven-second clip, revealing him with his trousers down, surfaced on social media.

Joe Westerman
Screengrab of the video that allegedly shows Joe Westerman having sex with an unknown woman in the alleway Twitter

He issued a heartfelt apology, expressing his intention to "work on my decision-making around alcohol," and subsequently was fined and ordered to do community work by his club.

However, the repercussions he faced from his wife Lauren were far more severe. In text messages to her, he claimed that he had no recollection of the incident whatsoever.

"Words will never ever explain how sorry I am. I can't explain what happened cos I physically can't remember. It's disgusting and I now have to live with it forever. Losing you and the kids is heart-breaking Lauren, you deserve so much better," he wrote in a text message to his wife.

"You always said alcohol would f*** me up. Story of my life. I miss you like crazy. U was perfect. I need you to know I can't remember anything about that night. I look like a zombie," he added.

Despite his earnest apologies, his efforts proved futile, and he was kicked out by his furious wife. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that his wife couldn't prevent her 14-year-old daughter from watching the video.

Joe Westerman
Joe Westerman Twitter

Lauren had even told her friends that she would "never be able to get it out of my mind" after telling friends her marriage is "one trillion percent finished."

Lauren told the Sun, "What kind of example would I be setting to my children - particularly my girls - if I were to give it another go?"

"I want them to know that this is not alright, that it isn't acceptable behavior in a relationship and that we all have self-worth.

"I now have to think about my children and begin rebuilding our future together. It's daunting, but he's got no one to blame but himself."

The wife, filled with anger, stated that the video had inflicted irreparable damage on her and their three children. Surprisingly, she expressed a sense of relief at having viewed the video, despite its distressing content.

Joe Westerman with his wife Lauren
Joe Westerman with his wife Lauren Twitter

Westerman, who has twice represented England over the course of a 13-year career in the top division, married Lauren in 2014.

Following the scandal in February, Westerman has maintained a low profile and has continued to play for Castleford Tigers.

He has refrained from making any additional comments about the incident or disclosing subsequent developments.