White Woman Goes Topless, Brawls with Black Women Outside Coffee Shop in Miami [VIDEO]

A topless white woman was seen in a punch-up with two African-American women outside a coffee shop in South Beach, Miami.

A topless white woman was filmed brawling with a group of African-American women in Miami in a video that is being widely circulated on social media.

Video footage of the incident, which took place outside a coffee shop in Miami's South Beach area last week, shows a white woman, completely naked from the waist up walking up to a black woman who appears to be filming the woman with her cellphone, and raining blows on the woman as onlookers can be heard expressing their shock.

It's Raining Weaves

A weave can be seen lying on the ground while another black woman without her hairpiece is standing nearby, suggesting that an altercation may have taken place.

The two women are then seen tussling with each other before the topless woman slams the other woman on the ground. The white woman, wearing nothing but a thong, then continues to repeatedly punch the woman while the black woman tries to kick her. "White girl with the shit," the man filming can be heard saying repeatedly.

topless white woman brawl

An African-American man tries to break up the fight and pulls the white woman off but not before she pulls out the black woman's extensions. The topless brawler then turns her attention towards the other woman and walks up to her as the other woman picks up a chair in her defense.

The two women are then engaged in some hair-pulling before the black man and coffee shop employees separate the two individuals. It is not yet known what led to the scuffle between the woman but netizens believe it could be a dispute involving masks. The video has since gone viral with more than 250,000 views and hundreds of retweets. Watch it below:

The video comes days after a similar incident took place in New York City. A woman stripped naked after assaulting a woman, stealing her sneakers and brawling with multiple bystanders in Brooklyn earlier this month, as previously reported by the International Business Times.