Shocking Video Shows Woman Stripping Naked After Brawl Over Sneakers in Brooklyn [VIDEO]

The bipolar woman stripped down completely after assaulting bystanders and attempting to steal sneakers off a woman.

Video footage has emerged from Brooklyn, New York City, of an unhinged woman brawling with another woman over a pair of sneakers before stripping down completely in broad daylight in front of several shocked bystanders on Sunday afternoon.

The clip, which is being widely circulated on social media, shows the violent woman assaulting an older woman lying by the curb on the bustling Brighton Beach Avenue and attacking another man as he tried to intervene. According to the police, the woman was suffering from bipolar disorder and was off her medication.

Tries to Rob Sneakers From Woman

The victim laying on the ground can be heard calling out for help as the mentally unstable woman removes her sneakers, prompting onlookers to shout, "call the police." The deranged woman then proceeds to wear the shoes on her own feet and tries to assault a third bystander who tries to grab the sneakers back from her.

She can then be seen being body-slammed by a separate individual, who knocks her to the ground. A man who the woman assaulted moments earlier then repeatedly hits her over the head with a bag while she's sitting down on the sidewalk. The FDNY (Fire Department of the City of New York) then arrives on the scene as onlookers urge them to arrest the woman while the woman walks away.

"Arrest her! She's going to run away! Arrest her now!," a man filming the incident is heard saying in the video, before telling the firefighters that the mentally ill woman " "was jumping" the victim and "trying to rob her." Watch the video below:

Gets Butt Naked with Arms Wide Open

woman strips naked in Brooklyn
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Twitter

In a separate clip shared on Twitter, which appears to show the moments that took place after the brawl, the bipolar woman is seen removing her top and her shorts off, getting completely naked and walking through traffic on the busy street with her arms wide open.

She is then seen walking over to a divider on the street and violently shaking her head and body. According to police, the woman, whose identity has not yet been released, was later taken to Coney Island Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.