White Iowa School Staff Member Placed on Leave After Viral Video Shows Him Calling Black Student a Racial Slur

Hempstead High School
Stills from the video that has gone viral on social media. Twitter

A Hempstead High School staff member has been placed on leave after a video circulated on social media showing them using a racial slur at school.

In the three-second video, which is now being widely circulated on social media the staff member uses the slur in front of several students.

'What You Looking At N****r?"

"What you looking at n****r?" the staffer is heard saying to a black student before immediately apologising for his racist remark.

The following video contains racist language. Viewer discretion is advised:

Principal Addresses Video in Letter to Students' Families

Assistant Principal Julia Jorgenson addressed the video in a letter to families on Wednesday evening. "I want to be clear in saying that the actions shown in this video are not acceptable and do not represent the values of Hempstead High School or the Dubuque Community School District," Jorgenson wrote.

Jorgensen said the staff member seen on video is now on leave while the district investigates the video. Once the investigation is complete, Jorgensen said there will be appropriate disciplinary action."

Jorgenson added that every day, the district strives to create an inclusive environment for students to learn in, and acknowledged in this case, the district did not live up to that.

"I have talked personally with many students and parents today, as have members of our administrative team and staff across the building, to reinforce that we are here to support students today and moving forward. I have been nothing short of impressed by the maturity, honesty and emotion in those conversations," Jorgenson said. "One of our Mustang values is to be inclusive, and we will continue to strive to do better each day."