California Middle School Teacher Caught Using Racial Slurs in Class, Telling Student People are 'Oversensitive to the N-Word'

Sequoia Middle School
A still from the video obtained by ABC7 News. YouTube

A Sequoia Middle School language arts teacher has drawn criticism after she was caught on video repeatedly using a racial slur in class.

According to students, the class was reading a Mark Twain novel when someone asked the teacher about the spelling of the N-word.

The clip, obtained by ABC7, shows the unidentified teacher repeatedly asking a black student to say the word. "You asked me how to spell it, so go ahead and pronounce it," the teacher is heard saying, before saying the N-word several times.

Watch the video below:

"The teacher got in front of the class and she was saying that the word is just an English word and everybody can say it if she wants to, it's in the dictionary, and people are oversensitive over the word," said the student who shot the video on her phone. She did not want to be identified.

"She was trying to force him to say the word and she repeatedly kept saying it and she had a smirk on her face," recalled the student, who's African American. "I was just thinking, 'Dang, this teacher is out of her mind.'"

"Not acceptable," said Caroline Rivera, a mother who has two students enrolled at the school. In her opinion, the teacher needs to be disciplined.

"Pulling the teacher out? Maybe going through training again?" suggested Rivera.

Fontana Unified School District Releases Statement

Sequoia Middle School
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The Fontana Unified School District would not comment on whether the teacher was disciplined or not, but did provide a statement that read in part, "While we acknowledge that this derogatory language comes from a novel first published in the late 1800s, and that historical context is important to consider when discussing literature, the district does not condone the language that was used in the video or using that language outside of the context of discussing the novel."