Where are Kaileigh Catalano and Vincent Abolafia? Long Island Teenage Couple Goes Missing

A Long Island teenage couple was reported missing after they failed to board a train from Ronkonkoma to the Big Apple, last week. Kaileigh Catalano and her boyfriend Vincent Abolafia, both 15, were dropped off at the station by one of their friends.

According to the Suffolk County police, the pair hailing from Manorville were supposed to board the 3.11 pm train from Ronkonkoma on Thursday.

Kaileigh Catalano Vincent Abolafia
Kaileigh Catalano and her boyfriend Vincent Abolafia. Twitter

Couple Ditched Their Phones

The New York Post reported that according to the investigators, the teens were earlier spotted together in Times Square. Speaking to the outlet, Kaileigh's mom Ehrin Catalano said that a student from Eastport-South Manor Junior-Senior High School dropped the couple at the station. Stating that the couple, who started dating since September, were definitely together, Catalano said, "And they've been in the city since. And they do not have their phones."

It was also reported that Kaileigh had tried to buy a bus ticket at the Port Authority Bus Terminal but was refused as she wasn't carrying her vaccination card. "We have no idea. Neither of them left bad notes at home and we have no idea where they could be going," added the mother.

Speaking to Fox News, Vincent's stepfather, James Bonasia called him an "amazing kid" who hadn't argued with his family. Stating that the teenager didn't know anyone in Manhattan, Bonasia said that the couple might have $1,200 in cash.

"Their family loves them and misses them, and all we want is for them to come home safe," he told the outlet.

Did the Couple Runaway on Their Own?

Ehrin Catalano's partner, Melissa Panasci revealed that the teenage couple wasn't drug users or had any disciplinary issues either at home or school. While Vincent is a freshman, Kaileigh, is a sophomore and is part of her school's varsity cheerleading team. "This makes no sense to any of us as to why she would go and leave. We're completed blindsided," he added.

Speaking to New York Post, a detective said that it seems that the pair ran away and left their Manorville homes voluntarily. "They might not even realize that we're looking for them at this point," the detective said.

"At this point, we're assuming they wanted to leave and play in the city and have a good time, but this has turned into them not coming back. Nobody can find these kids," Panasci told the outlet.