When Will Late Actress Cheon Jeong Ha's Scenes Be Aired in Lee Seung Gi Drama 'Mouse'?

The producers of the tvN drama 'Mouse' stated that scenes enacted by late actress Cheon Jeon Ha will be aired in upcoming episodes of the drama.

Actress Cheon Jeon Ha passed away on April 27 and her latest work is the ongoing drama Lee Seung Gi starrer Mouse. The news of the sudden demise of 52-year-old actress shocked the Korean entertainment industry. On behalf of the drama Mouse, tvN expressed its condolences and announced that the actress had completed filming for that project.

The channel also stated that all the scenes filmed have not been released and Korean drama fans can watch Jeong Ha on the screen in upcoming episodes. She played the role of mother of Na Chi Guk [Lee Seo-jun], who works as a prison guard at Mujin Detention Center. He is also a high school friend of Ba Reum [Lee Seung Gi] in the drama.

Cheon Jeong Ha Lee Seung Gi
Actress Cheon Jeong Ha's last project was Lee Seung Gi starrer Mouse. Instagram

Cheon Jeong Ha in Mouse

In the drama, Jeon Ha falls into a coma after she gets attacked by a serial killer. Her scenes were first shown in the mid-season of the drama. After a brief hiatus, the next episode of Mouse is all set to be aired on May 5.

In its statement, tvN said, "The late Jeong Ha appeared in our drama in the role of Chi Kook's mother. She completed all of her filming, and some of her scenes have yet to air. They will be aired according to schedule."

The exact reason for the death of the actress is not known. But the family said that the reason of her death was thought to be cardiac arrest due to low blood pressure and congestive heart failure. "Once again, we send our deepest condolences to Jeong Ha's friends and family during this painful time," stated tvN.

Thus, tvN has confirmed that people can expect multiple scenes enacted by Jeong Ha in the drama Mouse, which has unfortunately become her last work of art. The 20-episode drama has aired 15 episodes so far. With only five episodes remaining, it is not sure if Jeong Ha will be seen in multiple episodes or in one episode. Earlier, she was seen in two episodes of Mouse.

The actress was born on July 22, 1969. She graduated from Hongik University with a degree in History Education. Her first acting project was in 1990. She is also a stage actress and was known for her performances in the plays including Youth Yechan, Rat, Japan, Gray, Wolf Grows Eyeballs First, and Happy Young Day. Then she moved to TV in 2006 with the drama Coma.

Jeong Ha's mortuary was set up at a funeral home at Seoul National University Hospital. The funeral was conducted on April 30 and was buried in Ilsan.

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