When will Block B Member Park Kyung be Discharged from Military Service? Agency Reveals

It is been a year and a half since Block B member Park Kyung joined the army for the mandatory military service. He was fulfilling his duties as an active-duty soldier, and the fans were looking forward to his discharge this month.

However, there has been a change in his military service due to some health issues. He will serve the military as a public service worker during the remaining period of his military service. According to his agency - Seven Seasons, he will complete his military service later than expected. The firm revealed that his discharge has been postponed.

Here is the Complete Statement:

The Block B member was enlisted in the military on October 19, 2020, after postponing it once in January that year. During his enlistment, he was entangled in a school bullying controversy. So, his agency did not reveal the place and time of his enlistment. At that time, the agency said the time and location of his enlistment would be kept private.

Nearly a month before the enlistment, a netizen, who claimed to have attended the same school, described Park Kyung as a scary person. The person accused him of bullying weaker and disabled students in the school. The netizen also accused the idol of drinking and smoking in middle school.

Park Kyung
Block B member Park Kyung Instagram

Hours later, Park Kyung wrote an apology for his past actions. The singer said he hated being a model student in middle school, and he liked the attention. He found the kids who would play around to be cool. His actions were the reflection of those thoughts. He then apologized to the people who were hurt by his actions.

"I greatly regret my immaturity in my youth. I'm well aware that while I have been living a busy life, the people that I hurt will never be able to forget those memories, and that that pain can never be justified. I ask that the people who were hurt by me contact me directly or through my agency. I want to meet you personally to apologize and ask your forgiveness", he wrote.

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