ASTRO Member MJ Announces Military Enlistment During Fan Meeting; Delivers Emotional Speech [WATCH]

ASTRO member MJ has announced his military enlistment date during a fan meeting on Saturday. The K-pop idol said he would join the army in early May. He would not be meeting Aroha for a while. He then apologized to the fans for bringing the sad news at the time of celebration.

The event, titled GATE 6, was scheduled to be held on March 13 to celebrate the sixth debut anniversary of the boy band. But the fan meeting was postponed to April 9 after several members tested positive for Covid-19. It was held as an offline and online event, allowing AROHA members from various parts of the globe to attend the event.

After announcing his military enlistment date, MJ delivered an emotional speech to the fans and his teammates. He expressed his gratitude to Aroha for all their love and support. The K-pop idol then said he was thrilled to meet the fans after a long time. He will miss them badly since it will be his last meeting with them for a while.

The ASTRO member also read an emotional letter to his teammates, in which the singer said every moment he spent with his teammates was precious to him. He will remember them all. MJ then shared the boy band members went through a lot of problems. As the eldest member of the group, he could have done a lot during those times. He regrets it now.

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Here is the Complete Speech:

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When MJ was delivering his speech on stage, ASTRO members were struggling to hold back their tears. The fans also became very emotional after listening to him. Although Aroha was looking forward to the announcement, it made them sad, and some fans expressed it online.

A netizen said the fans would not be able to meet all the ASTRO members together for a while. After MJ completes his enlistment, JinJin will join the army, and then Eunwoo will get enlisted. When JinJin and Eunwoo return, Rocky and Sanha will join the army.

Some fans said they would wait for the K-pop idol's return, and a few others said they would get through these hard times together.

Watch the Emotional Speech by MJ: