BTS members Spill About Military Enlistment: 'We Are Not Exceptional People'

BTS Army and other K-pop fans are desperately waiting to know the plans of the seven-member boyband about their mandatory military service. The boy group members recently spilled some details about it. They hinted about carrying out their military enlistment together and taking a long hiatus from their K-pop career for it.

Considering the boy group's importance as cultural ambassadors of the country, South Korean Government passed a bill last December allowing K-pop artists to postpone their military enlistment till age 30. Band member Jin will turn 30 by the end of next year, and K-pop fans are curious to know if he will carry out the military service alone.

Speculations suggest that all the seven members of the group will carry out their military service together. Because if they carry out the military service individually, then the group will be missing out on a member for a long time. And, if they carry out the military service together, they will have to take at least an 18-month-long hiatus from their K-pop career.

"We are not exceptional people – our plate is small. We are these rice-bowl-size guys getting so much poured into it. It is overflowing," Suga said during an interview with Billboard Magazine.

BTS members might carry out their mandatory military service together.  Facebook

How Will Their Absence Affect HYBE and K-pop Industry?

BTS members believe that their absence from the K-pop industry might not have a great impact on the fans and the industry. According to Suga, music lovers across the globe will surely accept any talented group or singer. So, there is no question of an impact on them.

"When you watch the Olympics, you can see how hard every athlete worked to get there. But then what the public wants are the medals, isn't it? It is not something that will change even if we talk about it one way or another. We want to be good to the people who love us. Ths's what lasts in the long run," Suga said.

What Lies Ahead for BTS?

Rapper RM said the popularity gained by them is the result of their struggles, and they don't want to overlook that. He also said it is difficult to predict what lies ahead for them.

"When our history is over, it will be clearer. When the dust settles, and we come down from our pedestal, we will be able to tell. At the moment, we are standing in the eye of the cyclone. I don't think we or anyone else can accurately say anything," RM said.

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