When NASA Scientists Once Spotted a Mysterious Spaceship Reaping Energy from the Sun

Several top scientists believe that advanced technology could help reap energy directly from the Sun

Mothership near sun
An alleged alien mothership reaping energy from the sun Science Channel: YouTube

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy in the solar system, and life is thriving on Earth just because the blue planet receives the optimal amount of heat and energy from the giant star. In 2012, NASA scientists spotted a bizarre anomaly in an image taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. In the image, a giant blob-like object can be seen in contact with the Sun with its tentacles.

Scientists Tried to Explain the Bizarre Sighting

The image captured by NASA soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists started arguing that a huge alien mothership with advanced technologies had reached near the Sun. They also claimed that the space vessel might be reaping energy from the star.

The image also captured the attention of top space scientists, and they put forward the idea of the Sun being the ultimate source of energy for advanced beings.

"Why would anybody visit the Sun? Well, it might be a good place to refuel," said David Brin, a scientist who serves on the advisory board for NASA.

Aliens Near the Sun?

Popular author Dr Bill Birnes wondered if advanced spaceships were refueling their flying vessels using the energy generated by the Sun.

"Could spaceships be re-fuelling by getting as close as possible to stars and taking their energy to fuel them through space? The image certainly raises the possibility. We can't use the Sun for a spacecraft, but that doesn't mean no one else can," said Birnes.

NASA's Explanation

NASA quickly dismissed the alien theories, and made it clear that the orb spotted near the Sun could most probably be a solar magnetic bubble. NASA added that the magnetic bubble could be filled with hot plasma, and the tentacles spotted were actually clouds of hydrogen clinging to the edge of the Sun's atmosphere.

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