What is Silhouette Challenge? 'Red Filter' in New TikTok Feature Raises Privacy Concern

Over time, social media has been entertaining smartphone users, allowing them to self promote and become an influencer. The new social media challenge has gone viral on platforms such as Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram. The motive behind introducing this challenge is to spread body positivity. People can try this challenge on all these platforms or make a video and post it on any social media platforms to show off their figure in minimal clothing. The challenge first started on TikTok, which soon became popular in various countries using the app.

The new social media challenge has a red filter, which is called 'Silhouette'. This feature in the new social media challenge has created a concern for its users. The Silhouette Challenge has now become a popular social media stunt, especially among youth and teenagers. This also raises societal concern for some countries, where exposing isn't seen as an ethical practice.

What is Silhouette challenge?

The challenge is popular on Instagram reels as well. It begins with participants filming themselves in loose clothing, which then requires dancing or posing to Paul Anka's Put Your Head on My Shoulder. while the song stars to play in the background, it suddenly goes into transition with Doja Cat's grinding "Streets."Is th

Silhouette Challenge
Silhouette Challenge is a threat to user privacy YouTube screen grab

The first part seems ok, but the second part after the rapid transition to a red filter in a red light hits the participant's Silhouette which requires users to wear minimal clothing to expose their body on camera. Moreover, the Silhouette feature works best only when minimal clothes are put on to give the most flattering effect.

Celebrity Silhouette Challenge

The #SilhouetteChallenge has taken over social media with everyone from celebrities to commoners. Some of the most influential celebrities like Tiffany Haddish and Common and Cardi B also went viral for their versions of the viral TikTok challenge that shows then transforming from their normal PJs to a lot sexier versions of themselves in just lingerie.

Here's a Video of how the Silhouette Challenge Work?

How to Remove the Red Filter

A user can remove the reds filter from the Silhouette challenge videos with a make-shift procedure. At first, they need to make two videos - a filtered video and an unfiltered video. After creating two videos, they need to edit them to make quick transitions that will play in-between. Another way is to edit the filtered video on a video editing application or software of the users choice. This can totally expose a person to social media.

So, if you are trying to put on this challenge on social media, better be CAREFUL!