Tom Cruise Viral Deepfake Totally Fools Internet Users, Raises Concern For Legal System

The latest Tom Cruise deepfake TikTok video shared by Monica Lewinsky has gone viral on the internet. While TikTok users totally enjoy this feature, it is definitely dangerous for the legal system. Lewinsky, who is an anti-bullying activist and a speaker for Tedtalks, recently took to the official Twitter account stating that according to her, 'deepfakes' are incredibly dangerous. They will insidiously undermine the legal system, news and basically the reality. In the latest deepfake video, the impersonator is using the tech to impressive ends as he villainously tries to do a coin trick to fool the audience.

Earlier, 'A Quiet Place' actor John Krasinski seamlessly took over Chris Evans' role as Captain America in a convincing 'deepfake' video that went viral on social media. While this has become a matter of concern for the legal system, there is another similar kind of tech on the way to take over Deepfakes, which is being developed by Adobe, according to Douglas M. Griffin. The actor shared a video from YouTube that reveals Adobe is pioneering VoCo, which is to voices what Deepfakes is to faces.

Moreover, deepfakes don't just target politicians and celebrities. It can also ruin the life of a normal person. With 'deepfake tech' thousands of users have been using the Telegram bot to create deepfake photo-realistic nude image of women using pictures from social media platforms.

Tom Cruise Deepfake
Tom Cruise's Deepfake video fools internet users

What Are Deepfakes?

Deepfakes are dangerous as they are mostly used for swapping faces of people from one video to another. They first came into existence in 2018 and took over the social media platforms as they quickly became famous worldwide. They were used to modify adult or sex videos to feature the faces of famous Hollywood celebrities including renowned actors and politicians worldwide. The videos are made with deep fake technology, which is a type of application using AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to manipulate videos.

How a Deepfake Can Play Role in Crime?

The recently viral 'deepfake' of Tom Cruise is not even super high quality of the version. Yet it could fool most of the people on the internet. Deepfakes, which is simply fake audio or video content, is considered the most worrying tech of artificial intelligence (AI) for a crime. AI could be misused in 20 ways to facilitate crime within the next 15 years, according to a study, published in the journal Crime Science. Deepfakes could lead to serious crimes as fake audio or video content would be difficult to detect and stop, and it could have a variety of aims including societal harm.