What is the salt challenge? Here's why you should NOT try this dangerous TikTok stunt [VIDEOS]

Many health experts suggest that the salt challenge is life-threatening and request people not to try it

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of multiple social media platforms, there seem to be many options to grab the attention of millions all over the globe. Every day, we come across different challenges that netizens are forced to try out even if they are life-threatening.

After the dangerous and bizarre trends like Blue Whale, Momo, Tide Pod, Penny, Skull Breaker and Cha Cha Slide challenges, another dangerous stunt has started influencing many youngsters on TikTok. It is the 'Salt Challenge' in which the people are seen pouring a lot of salt directly into their mouth.

Why you should not try this?

Salt challenge
Salt challenge is now trending online and health experts warn people not to try this. TikTok

However, many health experts have said that this stunt is dangerous and recommended people to avoid participating in this challenge. Gulping down too much salt can cause severe consequences to one's health like putting in coma apart from feeling dizzy, thirsty and nausea. It is also proved that excess intake of salt can also affect one's blood pressure, kidney diseases and even cause a stroke. However, it has to be noted that if anyone consumes a lot of salt, encourage them to drink water.

Viral videos

Skull Breaker challenge

Recently, many youngsters sustained serious injuries after performing the skull breaker challenge. In this prank stunt, three people stand side by side and when the person in the middle jumps high, the other two kick the jumper's legs following which he/she lands on the ground. of kids and youngsters trying it were trending online.

Youngsters always fall prey to such dangerous stunts

Despite being aware of the health issues, many people fall prey to these challenges that somehow go trending online. With TikTok being one of the popular social media platforms, youngsters dare to attempt many such bizarre challenges just to become popular and get more followers.