What is the skull breaker challenge? Here's why you SHOULD NOT try this TikTok trend [VIDEOS]

Skull breaker challenge is most common among school students, who tend to perform this viral challenge to become popular

TikTok has already become one of the popular social media platforms with over 500 million active users worldwide. It enables its users to become creative with short funny clips and most of the video challenges shared through this medium often go trending.

While many consider TikTok as a platform to become viral and get recognition, certain users go to any extent to become popular. After the Blue Whale, Momo, Tide Pod and Penny challenge, a new and dangerous social media challenge, which is called Skull Breaker challenge or Jump Trip prank, has started doing the rounds on TikTok or other social media.

What is Skull Breaker Challenge?

Skull Breaker Challenge
Screenshots of Skull Breaker Challenge videos on social media Twitter

In this latest challenge, three people stand side by side. When the person in the middle jumps high, the other two kick the jumper's legs following which he/she lands on the ground. From what is seen so far in the videos doing the rounds on the Internet, the person standing in the middle seems to be unaware of this challenge and fall prey to the prank. However, most of the videos do not show what exactly happens to the victim forcing more and more people to try this challenge.

Why is Skull Breaker Challenge dangerous?

Experts suggest that this challenge can fracture every joint in a human body including a ligament tear. It can also cause many serious injuries making someone paralysed or even dead.

So far, many people have fell victim to this scary challenge, including a schoolboy from Venezuela, two teens from Canada, one from Miami, among many others sustaining injuries. In one of the cases, senior students had asked a younger student to help them with a 'really cool' TikTok video. Now, parents all over the globe are concerned about the safety of their kids, who are vulnerable to such challenges in order to become popular.

Watch the following videos to know how dangerous this Skull Breaker Challenge is: