What Happens When We Die? NDE Victim Says Love, Connection and Unification with World

The mindblowing experience shared by Emi on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation website has made believe that afterlife is real

Since the day humans attained consciousness, people have been trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding the death. Citing several religious textbooks, people who believe in spirituality strongly argue that the afterlife is real, and humans continue to live in a different realm after death. Adding up the heat to these afterlife theories, a near-death experience (NDE) testimonial shared by a Japanese woman named Emi has now gone viral on the online spaces.

The feeling of Tremendous Love

In the testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Emi claimed to have reached the verge of death during surgery for severe uterus adenomyosis. Soon, Emi had a sense that she was floating in the universe. The NDE victim claimed that she felt tremendous love. She also apparently got connected with everyone's spirit and energy.

near death experience
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"It was like a long journey, while I flying in the universe. I didn't feel my body. I was only my consciousness or my spirit. I really liked this happy journey. The place was completely dark. All the while, I was surrounded by a feeling of tremendous love. I felt a connection with everyone's spirit and all energy. I wasn't afraid and I felt so happy. Then, I understood that we are all connected to each other and I reveled in this knowledge. I felt comfortable and also united with the world. I thought that I wanted to stay here forever," wrote Emi on the NDERF website.

Emi, on the testimonial, claimed that the near-death experience was completely pleasant, and made it clear that she lost awareness of the physical body. She added that her thoughts were sped up than usual during the final moments.

Near-Death Experience: Medical Explanation

As Emi's testimonial has gone viral on the internet, several people started claiming that it is irrefutable proof of life after death. However, medical experts reveal that these visual hallucinations are not connected to the afterlife or life after death.

According to these medical experts, the brain will face a shortage of oxygen supply during life-threatening events. During these times, the brain will adopt a survival trick, and it is resulting in these visual hallucinations.

Earlier, Sam Parnia, an expert who has been studying death and near-death experiences for many years had claimed that death is a blissful experience. He claims that death is basically a process, and it is not a black and white moment.

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