What is going on in the skies? After Texas, similar red UFO appeared in Washington

Conspiracy theorists believe that this UFO sighting in Washington is authentic proof of alien existence

It was around a few days back that four mysterious flying objects that hovered in the skies in formation were spotted in Texas. Now, a similar UFO incident has happened in Washington, and it has made many people believe that something sinister is going on in the skies.

UFO mystery continues

In the video, three UFOs can be seen flying in a triangular formation, before a fourth one appeared in the sky. interestingly, at some point in time, the color of these flying objects turned bright red, and later it became white again.

Representational Image Pixabay

The video of this bizarre UFO incident was shared on YouTube by a user named Denspion, and the uploader revealed that this clip was shot from Washington on March 20, 2020.

"I really don't know whether you could see this on camera, but they are red. I do not think they are playing. I cannot see any blinking lights, and yeah, they are changing directions. I have never seen any planes like that and I live near the airport but they also appear going higher and higher. I know planes do that too, but still, wow," said the uploader in the video.

Alien space ship or secret military crafts?

As the video became the debating point on the internet, many conspiracy theorists outlandishly started claiming that these bright red orbs could be most probably alien space vessels from deep space. These conspiracy theorists argue that advanced extraterrestrials used to visit earth, and space agencies like NASA are aware of their existence.

However, a section of people argues that these flying objects could be secretive military vessels developed by the US army without the knowledge of the general public. They also claim that these flying crafts could be part of the United States' space force which they believe is already operational in the skies.

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