UFO or space force? Strange flying vessels spotted in Texas sparks row

The UFO video shot from Texas has made many believe that aliens are visiting the earth for unknown reasons

UFO Texas
YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly

It was around a couple of years back that Donald Trump, the United States president asked authorities to begin a space force to proclaim the dominance of the country in the skies and beyond. However, conspiracy theorists argue that the space force or a similar kind of sky army has been active for the past couple of decades, and they believe that sightings of a triangular aircraft, popularly known as TR-3B is concrete evidence of advanced space technology the country has attained.

Strange lights in Texas sparks debate

Recently, a YouTube channel named 'The Hidden Underbelly' has shared an eerie video that shows eight bright flying objects flying in formation in the skies of Texas. The strange video clip was captured by a man named Mario Rios, and it gained popularity after it was shared by the conspiracy theory YouTube channel.

After analyzing the video, the conspiracy theory channel revealed that these strange flying objects are not Chinese lanterns, as they don't seem flickering, and all these flying objects followed a path.

"In this footage, we can see these red orbs following some sort of flight path as they go over this building. Now, I know we could write these off as Chinese lanterns, but they don't seem to be flickering and seem to be following a path. If you look at the two at the front, they seem to be very tight together. It's not so easy to write this off as Chinese lanterns. And also, Mario does sound a bit scared," said the conspiracy theorist in the YouTube video.

What are those flying objects?

After watching the video, viewers also shared their opinions to explain this weird UFO sighting. Most of the viewers argued that these flying vessels are not Chinese lanterns, and it could be most probably alien space ships from deep space. Some other people claimed that these vessels could be secretive military vessels developed by the United States army.

"It is more terrifying to think we are alone in the Universe that to know there are at least others out there," commented J Kennedy, a YouTube user. "Those lights are ours. It is said, that seventy-five percent of those lights are our own. Reverse engineered," commented Twisted Existence, another YouTuber.

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