What Did Kissing Scene With Jeon Yeo Bin Mean to Song Joong Ki? 'Vincenzo' Actor Explains

Vincenzo star Song Joong Ki spoke about how he got the role of Vincenzo and also about shooting kiss scene with Jeon Yeo Bin

Song Joong Ki and his latest mafia drama Vincenzo are still fresh in the minds of audience, who cannot stop speculating about Vincenzo 2. However, the makers of Vincenzo have not spoken about the sequel of the mafia drama so far. But here is a good news for Vincenzo fans. Song Joong Ki recently spoke about his take on the drama, and also mentioned his kiss scene with Jeon Yeo Bin.

Song Joong Ki was on a TV interview recently along with Vincenzo director Kim Hee Won. The duo threw more light into what happened behind the scenes while shooting the drama. But the highlight of the interview was Song Joong Ki addressing queries about his kissing scene with Jeon Yeo Bin in Vincenzo.

Song Joong Ki Jeon Yeo Bin
Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin in the drama Vincenzo. Instagram

He gave credits for making the kissing scene look magical to lighting directors and Jeon Yeo Bin herself. "The film and lighting directors did it all. What I felt during the rehearsal with Yeo Bin was that this scene would go beyond the script. The females kind of lead the romance in this drama. That felt really new and nice," said Song Joong Ki.

Speaking about how he got to play the role, Song Joong Ki confessed that initially, when he received the script he was in two minds. "I wasn't busy then. But I knew that writer Park was known for writing comedy. So I was confused when they sent me the script. But after reading it, I got the impression that this wasn't just comedy. Doing this show with them is such an honor that it makes me think, "What would I have done if I hadn't received a script like this?" said the Vincenzo star. He stated that he saw Vincenzo as a sad story and that was the charm of the drama.

Behind the Scenes

There was scope for improvisation and actors were seen getting involved in the scene and keeping the mood alive by improvising. Cast and crew told that filming Vincenzo was indeed a happy experience and they had a lot of fun.

During one of the night shoots, Song Joong Ki, Lim Chul Soo, Yang Kyung Won, and Yoon Byung Hee were caught eating sweet potatoes when they were being called for the shoot. This had made the entire crew burst out into laughter.

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