What did CM Punk say when he made his return on WWE Backstage? [VIDEO]

The 41-year-old wrestler is back with the company and will play the role of a special contributor and analyst on the WWE Backstage show

CM Punk.
CM Punk. Wikimedia Commons

Former WWE wrestler CM Punk who left the company in 2014 is again back with a bang as he made his appearance on WWE Backstage show which is telecasted on FOX. The 41-year-old star was speculated to get associated with the show for quite some time. Finally, he did make a comeback and made his entry in style.

As this week's Backstage show was coming to an end, fans could hear the trademark entry music of the wrestler which shocked the entire world. Punk made his entry much to the surprise of Samoa Joe, Renee Young, Adam Cole and Paige and walked to the stage. Before joining them the former WWE superstar came up to the camera and said, "Just when you thought you knew the answers, I changed the culture."

This is a famous quote of wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper and Punk paid homage to him but tweaked with it at the end as Piper's last word was 'questions' and the 41-year-old wrestler stated 'culture'.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion's coming back to the company is a huge booster for WWE as the former wrestler has a huge fan following. Moreover, his return for just the show could also mean that the wrestler will be seen inside the ring in the near future.

The rumours of him being in talks with the FOX authorities have been making rounds for quite some time in the last few months. The 41-year-old former wrestler himself also stated that he was in talks with FOX authorities but not with anyone from WWE. Now, with the joining of Punk, it can be expected that the company will ask him to feature again inside the ring.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future as fans of the WWE universe will be eager to watch Punk back inside the ring though it is quite tough to predict what happens inside the company.