What is Connect BTS? Twitter gets flooded with queries about message by K-Pop boy group

Ever since BTS shared the details about their comeback album Map of the Soul: 7, Twitter users are curious to know the meaning behind CONNECT BTS.

BTS is getting ready to release their comeback album, Map of the Soul: 7, next month and they recently shared some details about it on Twitter through an image, captioned as Comeback Map. Ever since then, the social networking platform is getting flooded with Connect BTS messages. The hashtag is trending worldwide as people wants to know the meaning behind it.

The Comeback Map focuses on the various promotional activities BTS is planning to do for their upcoming album. It includes teaser releases in seven selected cities, including New York, London, Berlin and Seoul with the title Connect BTS. However, many of the social media users did not understand the message and they started flooding Twitter with queries about it.

The tweets ranged from, "Someone can explain what is #connectBTS?" and "What is 'Connect'?? And event??concert??" to "What is connect I'm so confusing. There's one to do with London ahh. Shadow and Ego are combined into 7 I think. I can't wait" and "I WONT BE ABLE TO SLEEP UNLESS I KNOW W** CONNECT MEANS."

Find out what is Connect BTS

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Some Tweeter users also tried to decode the meaning behind Connect BTS as a person wrote, "Okay! So what if Connect BTS is like a connect the dots around your city. And they've planted things around each city you have to find within the day and put all puzzle pieces together to find out something no one else knows". While another social media user tweeted, "It's a press tour, possibly a fan meet. To promote the album and tour."

Then, a Twitter user, monikered as vodkafortae, came forward and explained the real meaning behind Connect BTS to all the confused fans. "Connect BTS is when they set screens up in said places and they play trailers for the new comeback. They have been doing this for a bit," the social media user wrote.

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The comeback album of BTS, Map of the Soul: 7, is scheduled to release on February 21 and the Korean music lovers will get the first glimpse of it on January 10 through a trailer, titled Shadow. Before the album's official release, the K-Pop group will also release a set of teasers and some concept photos of it.

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