BTS members set new goals for life; spending lot of time with ARMY among top priorities

Staying healthy, learning new things and releasing new mixtapes are also included in the BTS' to-do list for 2020

BTS members, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, V, SUGA, Jin and J-Hope, have shared their goals for 2020. The young Korean heartthrobs and boy group members want to spend lot of time with their fan group called ARMY and create memories with them this year. The K-Pop idols shared their plans for New Year during a V Live Broadcast that was held on December 31.

The young Korean singers began the live broadcast by revealing that many of them were unable to achieve their goals last year. While band member V said he wanted to take violin lesson and he was not able to do it because of their busy schedules. Meanwhile, Suga and Jungkook revealed that they were planning to learn English and they did not get time to do so.

Will Jungkook and Suga release new songs this year?

The BTS members started sharing their goals for 2020. According to Jungkook, the two most important things in his to-do list are staying healthy and learning English. The K-pop idol also said that he wants to focus more on music this year. Quickly, Jin reminded him that he has been planning to release a mixtape from the last two years. For which, Jungkook replied, "Since it's my own personal thing, I have to make a lot of edits to it."

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"Jungkook, there's nothing in this world that's perfect. You just have to release it when you think it is good enough," RM advised and Suga encouraged him to release the songs as soon as possible. The K-Pop idol also reminded his teammate that he has already finished a song and it wouldn't take much time for him to finish the other songs for the mixtape.

Suga then spoke about releasing his mixtape this year. The BTS member said he was supposed to release it last year, but he could not do it because of their tight-schedules. "It should have been released earlier, I think I need to change the lyrics a lot now," Soompi quoted the young Korean heartthrob.

Find out why Jimin wants to spend time with BTS ARMY?

Meanwhile, band member V spoke about taking piano lessons and Jimin spoke about spending a lot of time with BTS ARMY and making memories with them. While team leader RM wants to focus on his health, Jin wants to be more active in life.

"I'm not that old, but I've started feeling too lazy to do things and I talk less. So I want to make an effort to act youthfully. I think I should act young so I'll look young too," the young BTS member said.

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